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Bank of New Zealand: How to transfer Money and make payment for bills using Mobile phone and internet banking

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Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) Internet and Mobile Banking is designed to facilitate the means of doing business in New Zeland.This enable customers to Open and close accounts,Pay bills ,transfer money to friends and family members from any where from their comfort zone without visiting the banking hall.

Bank of New Zealand internet banking is seamless, fast, reliable, secure and convenient when it come to making multiple payments for bills, such as electricity or rates,Data and internet also most convenient option for moving money between your own accounts, including to your credit card.

When you use Internet Banking for Business,it’s very convenient for making payroll payments or for your monthly accounts. You can also combine transactions into a ‘batch’

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Sequel to our topic today, i am going to walk you through on how to transfer money and pay bills from your Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) account using internet banking and Telephone Banking without visiting the banking hall.

How to transfer money from Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)using Telephone Banking

Firstly you need to setup telephone banking by dial *71# from your registered phone number with the bank

Transfer money

From your registered Mobile phone with BNZ bank dial *21# to transfer money to your friends or family member.

How to pay for bills using Mobile Phone from bank of New Zealand

Bank of New Zealand Account holder can simply dial *31# to Make a Bill Payment

How to make BNZ credit card payment

Depositors should simply dial *52# for credit card payment

Bank of New Zealand Credit card enquiries

Dial *51# to get your credit card balance

How to check Bank of New Zealand  Account Balance

Dial *11# to check your current account balance.

Transferring money between your Bank of New Zealand accounts

You can transfer money between your BNZ accounts in Internet Banking.

From the main screen, drag the account you’d like to transfer from onto the account you’d like to transfer to.
In the payment popup, add the amount.
Click Transfer.


Click on Menu, then select Pay or transfer.
In the payment popup, select the account you’d like to transfer from and the account you’d like to transfer to.
Add the amount.
Click Transfer.

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How to make payment/transfer money to thirdparty/firneds and family or business partner

From the main screen, drag the account you’d like to pay from onto Someone new.
In the payment pop-up, enter the new payee or company’s name and account number, then click Next.
Add the payment amount and payment date. You can also add statement details to your payment.
Click Pay, and Confirm.

How to make international payment from Bank of New Zealand account

1.Log in to Internet Banking.
2.Open the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.
3.Select International from the menu. Depending on your settings, you may be asked to authenticate with your NetGuard card or the BNZ app.
4.Select the account you want to pay from and enter the details you want to appear on your statement.
5.If you’re paying an existing payee, select them from your list of payees.
6.If you’re not paying an existing payee, you’ll need to set up a new payee.
7.In the Payment reason field, enter a short description of the payment purpose.
8.Enter the amount you want to send, in either NZD or the destination currency. We’ll show you the BNZ fee charges, but the overseas bank may also charge a fee.
9.Click Next.
10.You’ll be shown a confirmed exchanged rate. If you’re happy with the details, click Confirm and pay.

Please note:You can make international payments (telegraphic transfers) in Internet Banking between 7am–7pm NZT on business days (Monday to Friday, excluding New Zealand public holidays).

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