Kiwibank: how to pay for bills, transfer money and check account balance using internet banking and mobile app

Kiwibank: how to pay for bills, transfer money and check account balance using internet banking and mobile app

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kiwibank has provide space for customers to manage their accounts online with internet and mobile banking.This service is seamless, fast secure, reliable and convenient provided you have access to internet on your computer or mobile phone.

Kiwibank internet and mobile app allow depositors to apply for a home loan or a personal loan, Pay bills or transfer money to family, friends or others, Make international payments or pay tax directly to IRD, get electronic statements of account from anywhere even at your comfort zone without visiting the banking hall.

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We are going to discuss how to transfer money, pay for bills, view statement of account and check account balance from kiwibank using either internet or Mobile banking.

1. Set up or reset internet banking account


If you’re not registered for internet banking, you’ll need to give us a call to your bank on 0800 113 355 before you’ll be able to set up your internet banking. Alternatively, you can also email kiwibank via with your phone number and your access number

How to make online transfer from Kiwibank account to third party using internet banking


You can transfer money from your Kiwibank to friends and family or business associate through internet banking or our mobile app as long as you have the recipient’s account number. All you need is to follow the steps below.

1.Login to internet banking portal with your username and password on pay and transfer botton
3.Click on pay someone
4.Input the recipient’s account number and information details
5.choose which account to pay from
6.Review your information properly to avoid paying to wrong person
7.input your one time pin if you using this for the first time
8. click transfer

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How to pay for bills from kiwibank using mobile app


Customers can  Pay  bills online, either straight away or set up a payment for a future date.

1.Login to your mobile app with your password and username
2.To make a payment using the sidemenu tap on top left corner.
3..Select ‘Pay and transfer’ from the side menu
4.’Select an account’to define where the payment will come from.
5.Tap to select an account to pay from.
6.Back on the ‘Make a payment’ page tap on ‘Select a company or payee’.
7.Enter the payment amount
8.Tap ‘Make a payment’ to confirm you’d like to proceed with the payment
9.You receive receipt that your payment is done

How do I generate a statement showing my transaction history on kiwi bank


1.Log in to internet banking
2.Click into the account you wish to see transactions for
3.Filter your transactions to the time period you seek
4.Click on ‘search/export options’
5.Select what type of transactions you’d like to see e.g. all deposits and withdrawals
6.In the format dropdown select ‘print friendly PDF’
7.Click the ‘Export’ button.

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How to check kiwibank account balance

Kiwibank customer can either make use of internet banking or mobile app to check for their account balance .All they need do is to login and view past and future transactions as well their current account balance

How do I update my personal details on Kiwibank?

Keeping your contact information up-to-date is important. It helps ensure that we can contact you if we need to and that any cards we issue to you are sent to the correct address.

The easiest way to update your address, email address or phone number is through the mobile app or internet banking.

If you don’t have the mobile app or internet banking you’ll need to give a call and the bank will update your information for you.


1.Log in to internet banking
2.Click ‘Settings’
3.Click ‘Personal Details’
4.Make your changes and hit save. You may receive a prompt asking you to enter a one-time PIN that has been sent to your mobile. If you no longer have this mobile number, you’ll need to give us a call to update your details.


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