ANZ bank New Zealand: How to transfer money, Pay bills,Pay Anyone pay and check statement of account

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The advent of Information and communication technology alongside Financial technology
has changed the way bank transactions are been done. transferring money, Checking of account balance, paying for bills etc are now done electronically and seamlessly via phone and internet banking.

The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, commonly called ANZ bank New Zealand, which is the second largest bank by assets and third largest bank by market capitalization in Australia has developed a fast and reliable phone and internet banking platform to improve the ease of doing transactions for customers.

ANZ Internet Banking, ANZ goMoney and ANZ Phone Banking have a range of fast, convenient electronic payment options, including funds transfer, bills payment , automatic payments and direct payment

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The most effective way to use the ANZ New Zealand seamless internet and phone banking
platform is what this article is going to be discussing below.

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How to Register for ANZ  New Zealand  Internet Banking


1. Navigate to the ANZ Internet Banking registration page on our website by clicking the 2.Register link under the Log on button on the home page
3.Enter your details in the relevant fields
4.Choose a password
5.Read the Electronic Banking Conditions of Use and tick the tick box
6.Click Continue
7.Call ANZ on 0800 269 296 and quote the reference number displayed on screen so your registration can be activated. If you are overseas, call +64 4 470 3142 (toll charges apply).


How to Pay your tax via ANZ bank  New zealand


You can make tax payments to the IRD quickly and easily via ANZ Internet Banking – just go to the ‘Pay and Transfer’ menu and select ‘Pay Tax’ or in ANZ goMoney – just go to the ‘Payments’ menu and select ‘Pay Tax’.

By this steps you have succeed in paying for your tax from your bank with easy.

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How to pay bills online via ANZ Bank New Zealand


You can pay your bills online via the “Pay BPAY® bill” function. This service is activated by default when you register for ANZ Internet Banking.


How to transfer money via ANZ bank New Zealand

To transfer money, pay bills and check your account balance from your ANZ  bank New Zealand
simply follow the steps below…..

1. Log into ANZ Internet Banking

2. Navigate to Pay  and transfer Pay a person or a bill
3. Choose the account to make the payment from
4. Choose a recipient from your list of payees or click A new person or company and
search for a registered company or enter the recipients account details as

5. If the company is not in ANZ list of registered companies you will have to get the
account number and information required on their statement from the company
themselves – always double check when entering an account number
6. Enter the payment amount
7. Tick the Make this an automatic payment check box if you wish to make this a recurring payment and complete the automatic payment details

8. Enter the payment, date and statement details
9. Tick the Save this payee check box if you wish to save the recipient details for future payments
10. Click Next
11.  Confirm the details and click Confirm & pay.

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How do I make Pay Anyone payments via ANZ bank New Zealand

Pay Anyone” is an easy way to make a payment from your account to someone else’s account. You can pay to any Australian  and new zealand Financial Institution (bank, building society, credit union).


How to Register for Pay Anyone via ANZ bank New Zealand

Step 1 – Navigate to “Pay Anyone”
Go to the “Payments” menu.
Select “Pay Anyone access” and follow the steps below.

2. Step 2 – Select your daily limit and select “Submit”
3, Step 3 – Activate Pay Anyone
4.Enter your ANZ Shield Code
5 Answer your challenge questions:Enter the answer to your challenge question/s and select “Continue” to proceed.

All you need to make a Pay Anyone payment is the BSB and Account number or PayID of the intended recipient.A PayID may be a phone number, email address, Australian Business Number (ABN)/Australian Company Number (ACN) or organisation ID (Org ID.

Please note to make a payment to a PayID you’ll need to have an eligible ANZ bank account. you cannot use Pay Anyone to transfer to a credit card account (including your own ANZ Credit Card) or to an international account.

How to check ANZ bank  New Zealand statement of account

There are two means to check statement of account in ANZ New Zealand bank,This can be done with ANZ goMoney and ANZ Internet Banking, as well call your bank.

How to check ANZ bank New Zealand statement of account using ANZ goMoney

1.Log into ANZ goMoney on your smartphone
2.Navigate to Services > Your Documents
3.Tap on the account you wish to view statements for
4.View/download required statements

How to check ANZ bank  New Zealand statement of account using ANZ Internet Banking

1.Log into ANZ Internet Banking
2.Navigate to Documents
3.In the Document Library, filter statements using the drop down menus and click Search
4.View/download required statements from the search results.

How to check ANZ  bank  New Zealand statement of account by calling

simply call your bank on 0800 269 296 or visit any ANZ branch

How to Find old ANZ  bank New Zealand loan statements

You can get previous loan statements from ANZ Internet Banking, and ANZ goMoney, by calling on 0800 269 296 or visiting any ANZ branch. ANZ Internet Banking: Log into ANZ Internet Banking Navigate

Quick transfer funds / Pay now to credit card

There are two ways you can transfer funds immediately to your credit card in ANZ Internet Banking:

Option 1: Log in to ANZ Internet Banking In ANZ Internet Banking select Quick Transfer from the home

Pay a group or several payees – Internet Banking

Follow the steps below to make pay several people at the same time in ANZ Internet Banking Log into ANZ Internet Banking Navigate to Pay & transfer > Pay several payees Choose the.

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