HSBC Bank UK:  how to transfer money, pay bills and check statement of account via Online and Mobile Banking

With over 7,500 offices in more than 80 countries, HSBC bank has provided financial services across Europe for more than a century.

The 21st century ushered in a heightened use of technology across industries, including the banking industry. Over the past decade, there has been an innovation in the way financial services are offered.

From the last two decades, the banking sector has chosen a new banking method based on the progress in information technology. Customer’s banking experience, transactions, and communication have been made better with the innovation from technology.

From the use of Automated Teller Machine to phone transactions and recently internet banking, electronic banking has made life easier and banking faster for both customers and the bank. 

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There are many benefits to electronic banking, such as privacy and comfort. Customers can make transactions(local and international) from the comfort of their house without visiting the local bank.

Customers can also check their account statements, pay their bills, transfer money to loved ones using mobile banking or online banking, or even ATMs.

As one of the leading financial service providers, HSBC bank has created a system to ensure that customers can access and perform financial services without hitches.

As part of COVID-19 safety guidelines, customers are encouraged to utilize electronic banking mediums to reduce overcrowding at banking halls.

This article is for customers seeking guidelines on how to transfer money from HSBC bank united kingdom, pay bills and check account statements via mobile banking, online banking, and ATMs.

How to transfer money from HSBC Bank united kingdom: via Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Customers can send up to £25,000 when making online payments and up to £10,000 via the mobile app. For international payments, customers can send  £50,000 or currency equivalent in a matter of minutes.

When sending money outside the UK for the first time, you’ll be asked to generate a one-time transaction code on your Digital Secure Key or physical Secure Key to ensure your transaction is safe.

Steps on how to  transfer via Online Banking for international payments 

1.Log in to online banking 

2.Select the account where you want to make payment and select ‘Move Money’

3.Enter payment details

4.Follow the onscreen instructions

5.Review and confirm payment

6.Updates of your payment might be sent via email or text.

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How to Send money to friends and family Third party  via SBC Bank

If you are sending money to friends or relatives for the first time, request for their sort code and account number, then follow these instructions:

Send money to friends and family  using Mobile Banking 

  1. Once logged in, select ‘Move Money’ and choose to send money within the UK.

2. Select the account you would like to pay from, then select payees.

3. Select “Pay someone new” then “using UK bank details” or “using the mobile number (PAYM)”

4. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the payment.

Send money to third party using Online Banking 

  1. Login in, and select “Move Money” and choose the account you’d like to pay from
  2. Select “New payment or transfer,” and then “New payee.”
  3. Select “enter details.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment.

How to pay bills using the Mobile Banking, Online Banking 

SBC Bank Customers can also pay for their utility bills using these platforms. A monthly standard instruction can also be set online by the customer for the payment of utility bills.

Pay  bills using  Online Banking via SBC Bank

  1. Login to your HSBC Online Banking using the username and Password
  2. Select My Banking and Click on Pay or Transfer under the Move Money heading
  3. Click on New Payee, select  Bill Payment as the Payee Type,  click  ‘Bill Payee’ from the bill payee list, Input the bill payee reference, transaction amount, and click ‘Continue.’

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How to pay bills using Mobile Banking from  SBC Bank

It is important to note that bill payments can only be made on the HSBC Mobile app after a bill payee is saved on Online Banking.

1.Log on to the mobile banking app and select ‘New Transactions’

2. Select the account from which the transaction amount should be transferred,  Select  ‘My Payee’ under the ‘To’ option and select the bill payee

3.Enter transaction amount and click ‘Continue


How to check account statements using Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and ATM  with  SBC Bank.

SBC Bank Customers can track their transactions and view bank statements dating back six years through their banking app, online banking, and ATMs.

With the ability to display, download, and print, customers have  24/7 access to their bank statements. The Mobile Banking app allows these details to be shared by clients.

Using Mobile Banking to check  SBC Bank account statement and transaction history

1.To use mobile banking, customers should follow these steps:

2.Log on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app.

3.Select one of your accounts.

4. Select ‘View statements.’

 5.Customers can view their statements, download, print, and share.

Using Online Banking  to check  SBC Bank account statement and transaction

To check account statement using online banking, the following steps are essential:

1 . Log on to Online Banking.

2. Select ‘My banking.’

3. Select ‘Statements’ under the ‘Documents’ section.

4. From there, the customer can view his/her statement, download, and print.


Using the ATM to check  SBC Bank account statement and transaction

SBC Bank Customers can view their account balance free of charge by using your debit card at the nearest ATM.

1. Insert your debit card in the ATM.

2.Enter your debit card pin and press “enter.”

3. Select the Account Balance Display menu from the drop-down menu that opens up

4. You will see the transaction fee and information message displayed on the screen. Press Continue to show your balance.

5.Do not forget to take back your card after completing your transaction


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