Barclays bank Uk: How to transfer money, pay bills and check statements of account and transactions history

Fintech has change how banks carryout their financial transaction when it comes to bills payment, money transfer, check account balance and statement of account without visiting the banking hall from customer’s comfort zone.

Barclays bank customers can either make use  Online banking, Barclays ATM,Barclays app,Telephone Banking and branch. to carry out their financial transaction any where and any place provide the can access internet.

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We shall be talking about how to transfer money, pay bills and account balance and statement.

How to transfer money from Barclays bank

There are a number of ways you can transfer money between your accounts or send money abroad. With Online Banking, you can Check account balances, transfer money , pay bills, View and download statements,Manage Direct Debits and standing orders, View your debit card PIN and Report a lost or stolen card.

How to transfer money between your Barclay bank accounts using Online Banking.

The following Steps will help to transfer money between your account:

a.Open in your web browser
b.Then log into Online Banking using PIN.
c.Click the‘Transfer’ icon next to the balance of any account
d.Choose the account you want to make the transfer from in the next step
e,Enter the amount you want to transfer and choose whether you want to make this payment now or on a later date.
f.Check the payment details to make sure the information is correct
g. Click ‘Confirm transfer

Please note: Each transfer between your Barclays accounts is limited to £250,000, though
you can make multiple transfers if you need to transfer more than this.

How to transfer money to another person Third party.

Barclay bank customers can transfer money to friends and family straightaway – all you need is their sort code and account number or only their mobile number to pay them with Pingit.

You can either make use of Online Banking, Standing Order, The Barclays app,Pingit,In branch and Cheque so you can choose your best options from the lists

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Steps to pay bills  and transfer money via Online baking and mobile app from Barclay bank

You can pay your bill  and transfer money using your debit card within Barclaycard online servicing and  Barclaycard mobile app.

1.Login to Barclay online or mobile app portal
2.Tap ‘Pay & Transfer’.
3.Tap ‘Pay a recent or new payee’.
4.Tap ‘From’ to choose the account you want to pay from.
5.Tap the account you want to pay from.
6.Tap ‘To’ to add the payee.
7.Tap ‘Add new payee’.
8.Tap what type of payment is this.
9.Tap ‘Search for a company’.
10.Tap and enter the company name.
11.Tap on the correct company details.
12.Tap and enter the amount and reference.
13.Tap ‘Review payment’.
14.Double check the details then swipe up.
15.Tap and enter the security code and expiry date of your card.
16.Tap ‘Confirm’.
17.Your payment has been completed

How can I pay my bill Using Direct Debit

Barclay bank Customers can set up automated payments using a Direct Debit, If their card is eligible, they can set up a Direct Debit within Barclaycard online servicing or by contacting Customer Services Team.

How can I pay my bill From your bank

If you are a Barclays account holder you can pay using Barclays telephone or online banking services. You can also pay using the Barclays Mobile Banking app.


How to view my statements and transactions from Barclay bank

Barclay bank customers can view their statements and transactions in Barclaycard online servicing or in the Barclaycard app.

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using Barclaycard online to view  statements and transactions

1. Register or log in
2.Go to ‘Statements’ or ‘Transactions’ from the top navigation
3.Download your statements and transactions in a range of formats with Adobe Reader version 5.0 or above

Please make sure that you’re using the most up to date version of your web browser.

Using Barclaycard app to view  statements and transactions

Go to ‘Statements’ in the main menu to see your full statements, or view a transaction list by selecting the account you want to check.

How to set up Barclay bank Contactless Mobile transaction

To enable Barclay Contactless Mobile make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Barclaycard app. If you have an eligible product and device, Contactless Mobile will appear as an option in the main app menu.

How to make international payment from Barclays Bank united Kingdom

Barclays bank account holder can make international payment if they upgrade to PINsentry because you won’t be able to make an international payment if you log in using only your passcode

Follow this steps to make payment abroad using online banking

Step 1:Open in your web browser, click ‘Log in’ at the top
of the page and then log in to Online Banking using PINsentry.

Step 2: Select ‘International payment’ from the ‘Move money’ menu

Step 3:Select the type of account you want to make the payment from if you have more than one account.

Step 4: Choose to pay either an existing payee or someone new
Step 5: Input the information for new payee and
Step 6: Double-check that the payment details are correct
Step 7: You’ll need to complete an extra security check for the payment using your PINsentry card reader and your Barclays card
Step 8: You’ll get an on-screen receipt for the payment that you can download or print if you want a copy for your records.



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