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How to Transfer money from Gtbank and Buy Airtime

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This content idea would provide readers with a comprehensive guide on how to transfer money from Gtbank. It would include step-by-step instructions, as well as tips and tricks to ensure a smooth transaction. The article could also cover common mistakes to avoid and troubleshooting tips for any issues that may arise during the transfer process.

The Gtbank  mobile Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, enables account holders to conveniently transfer money from their GTBank account to another GTBank account holder or from a GTBank account to another bank holder, all from their mobile phone.

How to Activate /Enroll for Gtbank Mobile ussd service

To Create Gtbank Transaction PIN, You now require a 4-digit PIN to complete your 737 transactions.

1. Kindly Dial *737*5#
2.Input the last 6 digits of your Debit Card
3.Create your 4-digit PIN


How Transfer Funds with Gtbank uss mobile service

You can Transfer From Your GTBank Account to Other Banks Account, also you can transfer from Gtbank to another gtbank all from your mobile phone you registered with the bank .

How to Transfer money to other Banks

To Transfer From Your GTBank Account to Other Banks Account: Simply

1. Dial *737*2*Amount of Money you want to transfer*The NUBAN Account Number of the Beneficiary#.

2. (Example. *737*2*5000*1244276890#) from your phone, then authenticate the transfer with 737 PIN created, hardware token or last four digits of your GTBank debit card.

How to Transfer money  to GTBank Account

1.To transfer money to another Gtbank simply Dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account Number#

(Example:. *737*1*1000*1234567890#) from the phone number you registered with GTBank, then follow the on-screen prompts.

How to transfer money with GTB Mobile App

You can also send money with Gtbank Mobile app aii you need is to follow the steps below:

1.Login to GTB mobile app on your phone with username and password
2.On the home screen, tap on the “Transfer” option.
3.Select the account you want to transfer from and the account you want to transfer to.
4. Enter the amount you want to transfer.
5.Enter the recipient Account Number
6. Verify the recipient information
7.Enter your GTB mobile app PIN
8.Once done your transfer will be completed.

3. How to transfer money with GTB Internet Banking

To send cash with Gtbank internet banking which also know as online banking follow the steps below:

1.Log in to your GTB internet banking account.
2.Click on the “Transfer Funds” menu.
3.Select the the beneficiary bank.
4.Enter the recipient’s account number

5. Then enter amount you want to transfer.
6.Review the transaction details and confirm the transfer.

How to buy Airtime & Data Top-up from Gtbank

You can easily buy Airtime and data from yourself , family and friends using your ussd mobile service without visiting the recharge card seller for top up, here are how to buy for recharge card:


For Self Top-up Airtime

To buy recharge card from your Gtbank account Simply dial *737*amount# on your phone

(Example:. *737*1000#) to buy airtime.

To Top-up Airtime for a Friend

To send airtime to a third party or to a friend from Gtbank , simply dial *737*Amount*Recipient’s number#

(Example:  *737*1000*08023456789#)


For Self & third (3rd) Party Data Top-up

To buy data from your Gtbank account to family members or friends Simply dial *737*4# on your phone and follow the on-screen prompt

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