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TAJ bank ussd code:How to register, transfer money, buy airtime and block account

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TAJ Bank mobile short code *898# is the magic number that helps you run your account with your fingers. You can access your account via your phone and run other transactions with your TAJ Bank USSD.

You can use any of these mobile lines to enjoy any of these services, MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE, and AIRTEL, with any of these lines you can achieve seamless and faster services. You can enjoy this service anywhere at any time, even outside the country, if you ROAM your number.

The Taj bank USSD code, *898#, is a great way to make transactions but do yo can also open an account using the USSD code.

If you have enquiries about how to make use of *898# the right way you can reading on this content to understand more

What you require for TAJ Bank short code

It is important for TAJ Bank customers to know what it requires to get registered to the Bank, with the short code (USSD)
A  mobile phone (any type of phone)
A mobile number
An account with TAJ BANK

Features of TAJ Bank mobile short code

1.It is fast and safe
2.It works on all phones
3.You can access your account time with the code
4.You don’t need to visit the ATM or Banking Hall to carry out Transactions
5.Make instant transfers
6.Make instant transfers
7.Check balance
8.Pay bills
9.Read mini – statements
10.Buy airtime

How to register for TAJ Bank USSD Short Code

To register for TAJ bank ussd code kindly follow the steps below:

Dial *898# on your mobile device (make sure you use the phone number linked to your account.)

2, Select “Register” or “Create PIN” from the menu options.
3 Enter your TAJBank account number.
4. Create a 4-digit PIN that will be used to authorize transactions.
5 Confirm the PIN


How to transfer money from your TAJ Account short code

Transferring money is a daily thing to many account users, who are either business men/women, students or just general users. It is now easy and seamless to send money from your account anywhere and at anytime.


  To transfer from TAJ to TAJ Account

To transfer money from TAJ bank simply Dial *898*amount* recipient account number#
Example: ( *898*10000*1234567890#)


To transfer  money from Taj Account to other bank

To transfer money from TAJ bank to other bank here in Nigeria simply Dial  *898* amount * recipient account number#
Example: Dial *898*10000*1234567890#


How to buy recharge card with TAJ Bank short code

None will want to subject himself/herself to the torture of carrying money around looking for vendors to buy recharge cards (airtime), when it’ll take you less than a minute to get your phone popped up with airtime.

To recharge for self

To buy a recharge card  from Taj bank simply dial *989*amount#
Example: *989*1000# then your account will be credited.

To recharge for third (3rd ) party
*989*amount*recipients’ mobile number#


How to buy recharge card from your account via USSD

To buy Airtime/ recharge card from TAJ bank using usssd code simply dial  *989# follow the instructions to get your current balance.
You will need to enter your PIN before your account will be displayed on the screen.



When you lose your ATM card, the first thing that comes to mind is how to safe your funds from being compromised. Blocking your account is the first tip to safety.
Phone numbers to contact


How to check TAJBank account balance

If you are not interested in TAJBank ussd banking, follow the steps below to check your TAJBank account balance

Dial *898# on your phone.
2, Select the “Check Balance” option.
3 Enter your PIN. You will receive an SMS notification containing your account balance.

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