Keystone bank ussd code for all transaction and activation process

Keystone bank ussd code for all transaction and activation process

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This article will tech you how Keystone Bank USSD code service (*7111#} work and the type of transactions customers can perform with the magic code convenience, regardless of their type of mobile device.

This kind seamless transactions from keystone bank  ussd does not required internet connection: It’s control is by the GSM network and  available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by Saving you the stress of queuing up in the banking halls.

The Keystone bank ussd code is available to Customers registered with any of the mobile network operators – MTN, GLO, Airtel or 9Mobile. but All individual accounts (Joint, corporate, and multiple signatory accounts are not eligible for this service).

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Transactions from Keystone bank using ussd code can be done within and outside Nigeria, if your number is roaming.But to conclude a transaction, you require a PIN which is only known by you. the service is seamless, fast and secure to transfer money. pay bills, checking account balance and history as well block your account when it’s compromise

The mobile number to be used MUST be the number that is registered with Keystone Bank. Allows you to select which account to transact with, where you have more than one Keystone Bank account. The maximum daily transfer limit is N100,000 (combination of Intrabank and Interbank) and maximum daily airtime purchase is N10, 000.

The service is available to Airtel, 9Mobile, GLO and MTN subscribers and dependent on full network signal from your telecom provider. The money is deducted directly from your Keystone Bank account. Transactions can be done within and outside Nigeria


How to activate Keystone bank ussd mobile banking

To enroll or activate Keystone bank ussd code kindly follow the steps below:
1.Dial *7111#.
2.Attempt a transaction on the menu, e.g (1) Balance Enquiry.
3.Registration option display.
4.Select the ‘Register Option’.
5.Input your Account Number.
6.Input your Year-of-Birth.
7.Create your Transaction Pin.
8.Registration process is successfully completed.

You can also register for keystone bank ussd code via this steps below:

1. Dial *7111*0#
2.Select the ‘Register Option’.
3.Input your Account Number.
4.Input your Year-of-Birth.
5.Create your Transaction Pin.
6. Registration process is successfully completed.


All Keystone Ussd short code for transaction you need to know as customers

1. Registration: *7111*0#

To activate keystone bank ussd code simply Dial *7111*0# to register on USSD.and follow the prompt message to get started

2. Check account balance: *7111*00#

1. To check your keystone bank account using ussd code just Dial *7111*00# on the bank registered phone;
2. Authenticate using your Transaction PIN;
3. Then your account balance will be displayed.

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3. Recharge your phone: *7111*Amount#

.To buy Airtime or recharge card from keystone bank via ussd code simply Dial *7111*Amount# (e.g. *7111*1000#) on bank registered phone;
.Wait for the success notification;
. And you can start making calls.

4. Recharge for others: *7111*Amount*Phone Number#

.To recharge or buy Airtime for family and friends just Dial *7111*Amount*Phone Number# (e.g.*7111*1000*08011223344);
.Input your T-PIN;
.Wait for the success notification.

5. Mobile Data: *7111*5#

.You can easily buy data from keystone bank using ussd code by Dialing *7111*5#, select either for self or others;
.Select a data plan;
.Input T-PIN;
.Wait for success notification.


6. Send Money: *7111*Amount*Nuban Account Number#

.To send cash or transfer money from keystone bank to other bank account just Dial *7111*Amount*Nuban Account Number# (e.g. *7111*1000*1234512345#) from your phone number;
. Authenticate your transaction with your PIN.

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7. Activate Debit Card: *7111*9*123#

.To activate your keystone bank ATM card just Dial *7111*9*123# on your phone;
.Select ‘activate card’ option;
. A prompt is gotten on the PAN of the card to be activated;
.Select the PAN;
.Create your card PIN;
.Input your T-PIN;
.Wait for success notification.

8. PIN Reset:

. To reset you keystone bank ussd code pin when they are compromise or when you forgot it just Dial *7111# on your phone;
. Select the ‘Other services’;
. On next page, select ‘Next’ option;
. On the third page, select the last option which is ‘reset PIN’;
. Input your desired PIN;
. Input the last ‘6’ digits of your debit card to complete request.

9. PIN Change:

. To change your keystone bank ussd pin when you are not comfortable with your privacy just Dial *7111# on your phone;
. Select the ‘Other services’;
. On next page, select the 5th option which is ‘change PIN’;
. Input your old PIN, then create a new PIN.

10. Bills Payment:

.To pay bills from keystone bank via ussd code service simply Dial *7111# on your registered phone number;
. Select ‘Other services’;
. Select ‘Bills Payment’ on the next page to make payment for a biller.


11. BVN: *7111*6#

.to view your bank verification number from keystone bank just Dial *7111*6# from the bank registered phone number;
.Enter your T-PIN;
.And then BVN is displayed.


12.Panic Code: *7111*911#

. To block your account from keystone bank just Dial *7111*911# from any phone
.Enter the account/phone number to place a PND on all your accounts.

13. Change default Top-up Account: *7111*AcctNo#

Dial *7111# on your phone;
Select the ‘Other services’;
On next page, select the ‘Next’;
Pick the ‘Change default top up’ option to change your default account number for airtime top-up.

14. Cardless- Pay code:

.To withdraw money without keystone ATM DEBIT CARD just Dial *7111# on your phone;
. Select the ‘Other services’;
.On next page select the 4th option, which is ‘Cardless-Paycode’;
.Enter the amount and a PIN will be generated;
. Proceed to the ATM and complete your transaction.

15. Enable/Disable:

Dial *7111# on your phone;
Select the ‘Other services’;
On next page, select the ‘Next’;
Pick the ‘Enable/Disable’ option to enable or dis-enable your USSD.

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