Heritage bank USSD CODE for quick Mobile Banking transaction

Heritage bank 745-ussd for quick Mobile Banking transaction

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Do you want to carry out financial transactions on a mobile device using USSD code for paying bills or sending money? The Heritage bank ussd code serves as a bridge between you and the bank to access the banking services.

The service is convenient, reliable, and secure. It’s available to customers 24*7, Unlike a bank branch, this service conveniently gives you access to your account anytime you like. You can conduct financial transactions via your cell phone that is registered to your Heritage bank account without the use of data or internet.

In this article, we are going to discuss what you can do with Heritage bank USSD codes and how to use them to perform daily task.The service is available to Glo, mtn, Airtel and 9mobile subscribers .

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How to Registration for Heritage Bank USSD CODE

To enroll for Heritage bank mobile ussd banking code follow these simple steps
1. Dial *745#
2.Enter Account Number
3.Enter your Last 6 digit debit card
4.Enter your card expiry date
5. Create your 4 digit PIN
6. Once done, click send.

Also you can easily register for Heritage bank ussd code via :

1.With Card *745*Account number*Last6DigitOfCard#
2.Without Card *745*Account Number#
3.Then follow the prompt message to complete the registration,


Funds Transfer to another bank (InterBank)

You can easily transfer money from Heritage bank to another bank just pick up the phone number that is linked to your account and dial *745*2*Amount*Account Number# follow the prompt message to enter your PIN


1.Dial *745#
2. Enter 2
3.Input Amount you intend to send to your recipient
4. Enter Account Number
5. Check if all information is correct
6. Authenticate the transfer with your PIN

Funds Transfer Another Heritage bank(Intra)

To transfer or send money to another heritage bank account just dial *745*1*Amount*Account Number#, Then Enter Your PIN to enable you confirm the cash transfer

1. Dial *745#
2. Press 1
3. Enter Amount to send
4.Input your Account Number
5. Cross check if all details are correct
6. Input your PIN to confirm the transfer

How to Buy Airtime Recharge from heritage bank

You can buy either Airtime for self or for Third Party from Heritage bank by following the steps as adumbrated below

Buy Airtime Recharge for Self

To recharge or buy Airtime for self via your Heritage bank just dial 745*Amount# from the phone number that is linked to your account


1. Dial 745#
2. Enter Amount of recharge you want to load

Buy Airtime for family and friends

To buy Third Party Airtime Recharge , just 745*Amount*Mobile Number#


1. Dial 745#
2.Enter Amount
3. Enter Mobile Number
4. Authenticate the airtime purchase with your PIN

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Check Account Balance from heritage bank

You can check your Heritage bank account balance, account number and other information by dialing *745*0# by following the onscreen message . Then enter your Pin


1.Dial *745#
2. Enter 0
3. Then follow prompt message to check your account Heritage bank balance


Block Account from any phone from heritage bank


To block or lock your Heritage bank account when you misplace your card or phone also when your account is compromised. just dial *745*11#


1. Dial *745#
2. Enter 11
3. Enter your PIN to block your account and stop any transaction taking place on your account.


Pay with USSD (on POS & Web)

To connect with web and point of sales from your Heritage bank , just dial *745*000*RefCode# . Then enter your Pin to confirm the transaction


1. Dial *745#
2. Enter *000
3.Input the RefCode
4. Check if the information is correct
5. Enter your PIN

Pin Change

You can change or reset your Heritage bank ussd code by dialing *745*00# . Then choose the PIN that is secure and you can easily remember it.

1. *745#
2. Enter 00
3. change the old pin to new PIN
4. Submit

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