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Fidelity Bank USSD: How to Register/Create, transfer Money and Buy Airtime

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The last decade has witnessed a change in the banking industry in Nigeria from a traditional approach to a more technology-reliant method. Banks have embraced a more customer-friendly way for transactions to be conducted seamlessly.

As against traditional banking where customers have to be physically present in the bank to perform even the most basic transactions, customers can now perform these transactions remotely using their mobile phones.

Mobile banking has reduced the cost of handling transactions for the bank and customers alike by reducing the need for customers to visit a bank branch for non-cash withdrawal and deposit transactions but instead, perform these transactions from the comfort of their homes.

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Instead of queuing up at the bank to check for their account history or make transfers and pay bills, customers can do these from anywhere in the country using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

The introduction of the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) has brought relief to Nigerian bank customers who no longer have to transact with constraints like mobile data or using an app like the mobile app banking.

 USSD-based mobile banking can be used for seamless financial transactions like transferring funds, paying bills, checking account balance, and generating bank statements.

All the customers have to do is dial in the USSD code of their bank and they will be set to perform their transactions.

Fidelity Bank offers its customers the stress-free use of their mobile devices to perform transactions. Customers would  have to do is dial in the Fidelity Bank USSD code which is *770#

Unlike the Fidelity Mobile banking app, the USSD option does not require customers to have an internet connection. All these to improve the banking experience of customers.

What can Fidelity Bank Transfer USSD Code do for customers?

With this code, a customer can do a number of things without bank involvement. These things are;

1.Account opening
2.Airtime recharge for self and others
3.Fund transfer to Fidelity Bank users and other banks
4.Bill payment e.g PHCN, Cable TV bill, etc.
5.Account balance inquiry
6.payment and so on.

How to create Fidelity bank USSD pin

For Fidelity Bank customers to be able to transact using  USSD code, they would have to create a unique pin. This unique pin authenticates the transaction and ensures that it is done in a safe and convenient manner. Here’s how to create a unique pin;

 Step 1; Dial *770# on your Fidelity Bank registered phone.

Step 2; Select 1 from the on-screen command.

 Step 3; Enter your fidelity bank (NUBAN) account number.

Step 4;  create your 4-digit PIN to authorize transactions.

After creating your pin, customers will need to attempt a transaction to activate it. Customers can activate their pin by sending money to other banks or any other transaction.

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How to transfer from Fidelity bank to other Nigerian banks


Using  *770# USSD code and their unique pin, customers can transfer funds from Fidelity bank to other Nigerian banks from the comfort of their homes. Here’s how:

To transfer money from Fidelity Bank to other banks kindly Dial *770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT#, then input your unique pin or dial *770# and interact with the display menu.

Fidelity Bank Customers can conveniently check their account balance using the USSD code and their unique pin. To do that, dial *770*0# and follow the instructions that pop up on the screen.

For instance, if you want to transfer N1000 to a gtbank account holder with account number 3123456789 from your Fidelity Bank acct, please dial *770*3123456789*1000# from the mobile number you registered with your Fidelity Bank account.

How to buy Airtime from Fidelity Bank

Buy for yourself

To buy airtime for yourself from fidelity bank account all you need to is to Dial *770*amount# (for example, *770*500#, to buy 500 Naira airtime for your mobile number registered with Fidelity Bank account. The money will be deducted from your bank account and your phone will be credited with Airtime value.

Buy for Friends and family

To buy Airtime or recharge card from Fidelity Bank simply Dial *770*Phone Number*Account# (for example, *770*08060000000*300#, to buy N300 airtime for mobile number, 08060000000.

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Check fidelity bank account balance

To check for fidelity account balance on mobile phone customers should dial *770# and follow the on screen message to access your account history and balance

The Fidelity Bank USSD code service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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