UBA ussd code: How to register, Transfer money & buy Airtime and book for flight

Banking sectors all over the world has introduced Digital banking channel.The service provides regular banking services, but on a website, ussd  and  mobile app to easy financial service to customers

As one of Nigeria’s forest bank UBA has unveiled USSD for transaction which  provides its customers with a 24-hour mobile banking service. All customers have to do is dial in the magic code, which is *919# to start transaction.

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This  technologically enhanced banking mode is the introduction of the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), which provides a more comfortable, more cost-effective method of banking, ensuring that customers can perform bank transactions efficiently.

The service is seamless, fast, secure and reliable which 100% secure  except their carelessness from the account holders by displaying their information to third party that could lead to fraud and theft.

Customers do not necessarily need an android phone or mobile data to make certain financial transactions like transferring funds, paying bills, checking account balance, and generating bank statements. All that is needed is to dial in the USSD code of your bank and generate a unique four-digit pin for seamless transactions.

In this article I will be discussing about UBA Mobile banking using ussd code. You will learn how to use UBA transfer codes and create/register for Pin code

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Benefits Of Using UBA USSD Code For Transactions.

1.It is simple, safe, and secure.
2.It works on all phones.

3. Fast and convenient.
4.No data connection is required.
5.You can use it on any network provider.

How to register for UBA USSD PIN

Here are the steps you need to follow to register for UBA Bank USSD code in Nigeria:

1.Dial the code *919# to start the registration.
2. A welcome message will appear on your mobile screen. you could either registe With UBA Account or With UBA Prepaid Card
3. create your 4 digit pin for transaction authorization.

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UBA Customers can pay their utility bills, book flights, recharge their phones, transfer funds from their bank to other banks using the *919# magic banking code. Here’s how:

Transfer to UBA Account
*919*3*account number*amount# authenticate with unique pin.

Example: *919*3*1234567891*5000# With this process you have successfully transfer the sum of N5000 to the recipient bank acount.
Transfer to Other banks
UBA account holder an easily transfer money to other banks using ussd code all they need to do is dial  *919*4*account number*amount#

Example:  *919*4*3041899118*5000#  and authenticate it with your 4 digit pin

How to buy Airtime from UBA Bank

Buy Airtime for self
To Top-Up airtime for your phone line that is link to your  UBA bank account simply dial *919* amount#  and authenticate with pin.
Example: *919*1ooo# and input your ussd pin to authenticate it.

Buy airtime for family and friends

T o buy recharge for third party  as UBA bank account holder  just  dial *919*Phone Number* Amount# (e.g. *919*08123456789*1000#)

How to Pay For Your Flight using UBA ussd code

To book for flight using UBA ussd code, account holder need to Dial *919*12#
2.Input 4 digit Magic Banking PIN and select bank account to pay from
3.Select desired airline and input flight PNR (Passenger Name Record)
4.Input phone number of passenger and payment amount (Passenger Name Record)
That’s it. Flight paid for

How To Check Your Account Balance Using UBA USSD Code

Customers can easily check their bank account balance by dialing simply with your mobile phone link to your account by dialing *919*00# In few seconds your account balance will be sent to you as message. This service is not for free, a few is applied.

Other UBA USSD Code are:

1.Check Balance -*919*00#
2.Top-Up for Self-*919*amount#
3.Top-Up for Others-*919*phone number*amount#
4.Transfer to UBA Account-*919*3*account number*amount#
5.Load UBA Prepaid Card-*919*32#
6.Transfer to Other banks-*919*4*account number*amount#
7.Pay Bills-*919*5#
8.ATM Cardless Withdrawal-*919*30*Amount#
9.Airline Ticket Menu-*919*12#
10.Africa World Airline-*919*12*394#
11.Egypt Air-*919*12*077#
12.Ethopian Airline-*919*12*071#

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