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Gtbank USSD Code (*737#) instant banking Transaction

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With Gtbank ussd code, you can be rest assured of a quick, safe and convenient banking without Internet. You don’t have to worry about buying Airtime, money transfer check account balance and many more because the bank USSD Code got you covered. You can transact your business conveniently without data anytime, anywhere.

Every Gtbank account holder can Open an account, transfer funds, pay bills, buy airtime or data and access our in-branch services right from your mobile phone that is registered with your account.

The service is seamless, simple, easy and inexpensive to operate, it works on any kind of phone which gives you better cash management and Instant value. The service is available to Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat subscribers.

Let’s take a look at Gtbank ussd code and how to use it for various transactions because Truly digital commercial banks leverage technology, people and service to deliver endearing customer experience.

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How to register for GTbank ussd code

You can easily register for Gtbank ussd code using your mobile phone line that is linked to your account. All you need is to dial

1. Dial *737*11#

2. Input the last 6 digits of your Debit Card
2.Enter your BVN
3.Enter 1 to continue
4.Create your 4-digit PIN to enable you complete any transaction when using ussd code.



How to Open an Account WITH Gtbank

To open an instant Gtbank account without opening forms and have your ten-digit account number (NUBAN) sent to you via sms just

1. Dial *737*0#
2.Follow the onscreen prompts.
3.Also you will be required to visit the branch to increase your deposit and withdraw limits by submitting your other documents such as ID CARD, Electricity bills etc.



Funds Transfer

To transfer money from Gtbank account or to another bank using ussd code, follow the steps below:

Transfer to GTBank Account

To send money to another Gtbank account, from the phone number you registered with the bank, just…

2. Enter 1
3. Enter Amount
4. Enter NUBAN Account Number
5. Cross check if the recipient information is correct
6. Enter your PIN to complete the transfer.


Dial*737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# then follow the on-screen prompts.
(Example. *737*1*8000*124999111#) Enter your Pin. Once done the recipient will receive NGN 8000 on his/her account instantly.

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Transfer to other Banks

You can send money to other banks in Nigeria from Gtbank,All you need is to follow the steps below:

1. Dial*737#
2. Enter 2
3. Enter Amount
4. Input your NUBAN Account Number
5. Check if the information is correct
6. Enter your PIN to complete the transfer


Dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account Number#
(EXAMPLE: *737*2*1000*3041999566#) from your phone LINKED TO YOUR ACCOUNT The authenticate the transfer with 737 PIN created,


Buy Airtime

You can easily Airtime for yourself and your family members as well your friends.choose steps below to buy for Self and Family members


 Buy Airtime For Self

To buy Airtime for your sim that linked to your Gtbank account Just

1. Dial *737#
2. Enter the amount of Card you want to Buy
3. Confirm the airtime purchase


Simply dial *737*amount# on your phone (Example *737*500#) to buy airtime for self


Buy Airtime for a Friend/Family

To send airtime to a third party or to a friend, simply

1. Dial *737#
2.Enter Amount
3. Enter Recipient’s number#
4.Enter your PIN to complete the airtime purchase


*737*Amount*Recipient’s number# (Example: *737*500*08055553221#)

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Check Account Details

You can easily check Gtbank account balance, Account Number and BVN All you need to do is simply:

1. Dial *737#
2.Enter 6
3.Enter 1
4.Enter your PIN
5. Your account details will display on the screen


Just dial *737*6*1# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts to view Gtbank account details


Gtbank Cardless Withdrawal

With Gtbank ussd code you can withdraw money from your bank account without your debit card all you need is follow the steps below

1, Dial *737#
2.Enter 3
4.Follow the prompt to generate your withdrawal code
5.Authenticate with your PIN


just dial *737*3*Amount# and follow the prompt to generate your withdrawal code

At ATM machine:  Enter the withdrawal code generated into any GTBank ATM to retrieve cash.


Electricity Bills Payment

Gtbank customers can pay for their electricity bills with ease. All the need is to follow the steps below

1. Dial *737#
2. Enter50
3.Enter Amount
4.Enter Biller code
Enter your PIn to complete the bill payment

You can now pay your electricity bills anywhere and anytime by simply dialing any of the disco codes:

Service Disco Code

Port Harcourt Prepaid *737*50*Amount*95#
Port Harcourt Postpaid *737*50*Amount*96#
Eko Prepaid *737*50*Amount*151#
Eko Postpaid *737*50*Amount*152#
Ibadan Prepaid *737*50*Amount*137#
Kano Prepaid *737*50*Amount*93#
Kano Postpaid *737*50*Amount*94#


How to check Gtbank Mini account statement

To get Gtbank Mini Account statement just

1. Dial *737#
2. Enter 51
3. Enter 30
4. Enter Your PIN
Once done you get your mini statement

Or Dial *737*51*30# and follow prompt message to generate your Gtbank mini statement of account


Block Gtbank account or Card

To hotlink or block your Gtbank debit card and account follow the steps below:

1. *737#
2. Enter 51
4. Confirm by entering your PIN
5, once Done your card will be block

Or Just dial *737*51*10# and follow the onscreen message to block your account


Other codes

1. Loan Balance *737*6*2#
2. Card Status *737*6*3#
3. Chequebook Status *737*6*4#
4. Generate OTP *737*7#
5. Fast Track Deposit *737*48#
6. Fast Track Withdrawal *737*49#
7. 737 Edu *737*31*amount*MerchantCode#
8. 737 Give *737*32*amount*MerchantCode#
9. Bills Payment Menu *737*50#
10. Enable/Disable Account Balance on GeNS *737*51*1#
11. Card Hotlist *737*51*10#
12. Cable TV *737*SmartCardNo#

You can also transact the follow transaction from Gtbank using any code below:


13. Spend To Save *737*51*24#
14. Mini Statement *737*51*30#
15. 3rd Party Statement *737*51*33#
16. QuickCredit Request *737*51*51#
17. QuickCredit Liquidation *737*51*55#
18.Reference Confirmation *737*51*54#
19. Account Blacklist *737*51*74#
20. School Fees Advance *737*52*30#
21. PayDay Loan *737*52*40#

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