Fidelity bank USSD code

Fidelity bank USSD code {*770#}for Instant Banking transaction

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With fidelity bank ussd code you can bank on the go without barriers, even from home or office. You can carry out Balance Enquiry, transfer money, pay bills and even buy airtime from your comfort zone .The service is available to Airtel,9mobil, GLO and MTN subscribers

Customers can complete all transactions in just a few steps, once you have a Fidelity Bank
account,You can choose from the array of services available which allows you to perform your
banking transactions effortlessly.from the mobile phone that is linked to your account.

The FIDELITY BANK USSD code is only available to retail customers, which means corporate accounts cannot use the *770# code. The service is easy, simple, fast and convenient and it’s available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This post will provide all fidelity bank USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) on how to open account, transfer money and many more financial service on- the- go from your comfort zone without visiting the banking hall

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How to Get Start

To register for Fidelity bank ussd code, just Dial *770# on your mobile phone and select Instant Banking to choose from the array of services available. you need to create your 4 digit PIN that will be used to authorize transactions.

How to transfer money

To transfer fund from fidelity bank to Any Nigerian Bank In Seconds either for for personal or business purposes just follow the steps below”

1. To transfer cash from fidelity bank to another bank, simply dial *770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT#
2, {Example *770*1234567892*5000# }
3. Enter your PIN for authorization
4. Once done the recipient will receive the money in less 30 seconds

Please note: Single transaction limit is N20,000. Daily Limit is N100,000 and transfer must be done from phone numbers registered with Fidelity Bank


How to buy Airtime

To buy Airtime from Fidelity bank either for self or For Friends & Family to avoid insufficient balance during an emergency

Buy Airtime for self

1.For Self-Recharge: Dial *770*AMOUNT# Example: From your phone,

2.{Example: *770*500# to recharge ₦500 on your phone that is linked to your fidelity bank account}


Buy Airtime for family and friends

To buy airtime for other line or for your love once from fidelity bank just Dial *770*PHONE NUMBER*AMOUNT#

{Example: *770*08125988769*600# to recharge ₦6000 on another phone that is not linked to your account.}

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Open An Account

You can open fidelity bank account using ussd code in the follow steps

1.Dial *770*01#
2.Choose an account opening option
3.choose Option 1 if you have your BVN and Option 2 if you don’t)
4.Input your first name First Name
5.Enter middle name or Press ‘0’ if you don’t have one
6.Enter your last name
7. Enter your last name
8.Input your account officer code or press ‘0’ if you don’t have one
9.Enter your date of birth
10. Press 1 to confirm your details and proceed

Pay bills

To pay for your utility bills from your fidelity bank using Using *770# ussd code follow the steps below:

To pay a bill, dial *770*CODE*SMART CARD NUMBER*AMOUNT#

{Example: *770*1099*41234567890*5500# to pay for a ₦5500 DStv plan }

The simple method to pay for bills using your fidelity bank ussd code is just *770# and follow the prompt message to choose bills and also select the kind of bills you want to pay.


*770# Cardless Withdrawal

To withdraw money from a fidelity bank account without your debit card just perform Cardless Withdrawal.

1.To withdraw cash without using your debit card, dial *770*8*AMOUNT#

2. {Example: *770*8*10000# using your phone, then follow the on-screen prompts{
3. Create a one-time PIN (OTP)
4. Enter your PIN to get a Paycode directly from your Fidelity account to withdraw cash.
5. At the ATM, enter your Paycode, PIN, and Amount to get your cash.


Check Account balance

To view or check fidelity bank account balance just dial *770*0# and follow the on-screen prompts.
2. Enter your PIN to confirm it
3. With this you track of your transactions and also check your account balance on your mobile phone


*770# Block Cards

Whenever you fidelity bank account is compromised or when you misplace your phone or ATM Card, kindly block it to prevent unauthorized transactions from your account due to high rate fraudsters around today in Nigeria.

To block your fidelity card or account, dial *770*911#
2. Follow the prompt message to enter your PIN
3. This will Instant Block” when stolen or missing without having to be physically present at your branch.



You don’t need to go to the bank or get stressed over your BVN.You can update your BVN and email details without going through the hassle of visiting the bank. This can be done from YOUR PHONE linked to your fidelity bank account.

To update your BVN to fidelity bank account, dial *770*02# and follow the prompt message


Change PIN

You Can Change Your fidelity bank ussd PIN Yourself In Seconds when it’s compromised or when you forgot the PIN.

To change your fidelity bank ussd PIN, dial *770*00# and follow the onscreen message. this must be done from the phone number that registered with your account.

How to Choose SMS and Email Alerts You Want To Receive

You can decide the type of sms or email you want to receive from fidelity bank. all you need is to dial *770*2# and determine the different categories of emails and SMS you want to receive.

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