How to become Access bank point of sale (POS) Agent/ CLOSA agent

How to become Access bank point of sale (POS) Agent/ CLOSA agent

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The point of sale (POS) is on the increase in Nigeria– banks are providing financial inclusion to make sure funds are  available to the under banked and unbanked as means of financial services right within your neighbourhood

Acess bank authorized Agents process transactions quickly and easily via platforms such as Point-of–Sale (POS) terminals or Mobile Phones without visiting a branch.The POS  terminal provides a convenient, modern and efficient means of processing payment online –time  value is credited to the Merchants account within 24 hours.

This content is going to cover requirement to become Acess bank point of sale (POS) agent which also know as ACCESS CLOSA AGENT  in Nigeria and what you need to know.

Services Offered by Acess bank  POS Agent

Cash Deposits
Cash Withdrawals
Funds transfer
Bill Payments
Airtime Purchase

Benefits of point of sale (POS

1. Banking services right at your doorstep
2. No queues
3. Transactions are PIN protected
4. Services are available to both Access Bank and other Bank customers
5. Access to funds anytime even after banking hours (weekends and public holidays)
6. Save cost of going to the branch or ATM
7. Account Opening
8. Eliminates the inconvenience of cheque confirmation and clearing period
9. Instant confirmation of payment for goods.

How to become Acess Bank point of sale (POS) agent

To become Acess bank POS agent which is know as Access CLOSA agent you need to meet some Minimum requirements :

1. A visible business location which is easily accessible
2. Minimum working capital of ₦50,000
3. Valid identification – Voter’s card, Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID card
4. Utility bill
5. Business registration documents for corporate bodies


How can become Access bank POS Agent?

The following business associate can become POS agent and  perform banking transactions on behalf of  access bank

1. Unregistered business – Individuals, Registered businesses – Limited liability
2. Sole proprietorships, Partnerships, Cooperative societies
3. Corporates with retail chains / large distribution network

How will I identify an Access CLOSA Agent?

Acess bank Agent’s outlet is branded with an Access CLOSA signage. These locations can be verified on our website or through the Access Bank Contact Centre.

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