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MTN South Africa Dataplan subscription code and prices

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MTN  telecom in South Africa is a leading telecommunications provider that offers a wide range of data plans to cater to the needs of its diverse customer base. Whether you are looking for prepaid data options, postpaid plans, or data bundles for roaming, MTN has a solution for you.

In this article, we will explore the subscription codes, pricing structure and tips for managing data usage when subscribing to MTN data plans in South Africa.


Ways to recharge your MTN Line

Recharge using your MTN Line can be done in the folloing proces


Recharge using your credit or debit card online.

MTN app

Download the MTN app and buy data with your airtime or with your credit or debit card.

MTN Chat

Recharge on Whatsapp by sending a Whatsapp to 083 123 0011 saying yello to get started.

Eazi Recharge

  • Dial 136# on your MTN phone.
  • Follow the prompts to select the type of recharge you want (airtime, data, etc.).
  • Choose the amount you wish to recharge.
  • Confirm the transaction.


Anytime Bundles Night WAS NOW Validity
40MB N/A R10.00 N/A 30 Days
100MB N/A R20.00 N/A 30 Days
200MB N/A R39.00 R29.00 30 Days
350MB N/A R60.00 R49.00 30 Days
500MB N/A R75.00 R69.00 30 Days
1GB N/A R99.00 R85.00 30 Days
1.5GB N/A R149.00 R99.00 30 Days
2GB 2GB R189.00 R149.00 30 Days
3GB 3GB R229.00 R199.00 30 Days
5GB 5GB N/A R299.00 30 Days
6GB 6GB R399.00 R349.00 30 Days
10GB 10GB R469.00 R469.00 30 Days
20GB 20GB R699.00 R599.00 30 Days
30GB 30GB R999.00 R699.00 30 Days
50GB 50GB R1499.00 R799.00 30 Days
100GB 100GB R2499.00 R999.00 30 Days

MTN South Africa Data Plans FAQ:

How can I subscribe to MTN data plans?

  • USSD Code: Dial 136# and follow the prompts to select and purchase your desired data bundle.
  • MyMTN App: Download the MyMTN app on your smartphone and easily browse and purchase data bundles within the app.
  • Online: Visit the MTN South Africa website and navigate to the data plans section to view the options and purchase online.

What are the available data plan types?

  • Anytime Data Bundles: For use at any time of the day or night.
  • Night Express Data Bundles: Specifically for use between midnight and 5 am.
  • Social Bundles: Designed for accessing specific social media platforms.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Bundles: Cater to different usage patterns with varying validity periods.
  • Family Bundles: Share data with family members or friends on the same network.
  • MTN Super Data (New): Exclusive bundles for users who have migrated to this plan (30GB, 70GB, 200GB).
  • Data Add-Ons: Top up your existing data allowance

Q; How can I check my data balance?

  • Dial 135 to check your remaining airtime, SMSs and data,
  • call 200 to ask us to find a number you’re looking for,
  • call us on 22522 for directions.

Q: Can I share my data with others?

Yes, you can share your data with family or friends using MTN’s Family Bundles.

Q; What if I run out of data before my bundle expires?

You can purchase Data Add-Ons to top up your data allowance.

MTN Data4Keeps

How do I migrate to MTN Data4Keeps?
Dial *136*4*7# or visit your nearest MTN store

How do I buy an MTN Data4Keeps bundle?
Dial *136*2*999# and select ‘Data4Keeps Bundles’.

How do I top up?

dial *136*2#, call 136, 135, or buy them over the counter at your nearest MTN store or retail outlet.




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