How to Borrow Airtime or recharge card from MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile

How to Borrow Airtime or recharge card from MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile

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Nigeria Major Mobile Telecom company has unveiled Borrow Airtime and data now and pay later plan to their subscribers.This service allows active prepaid subscribers who meet the eligibility criteria to borrow airtime and data any time and any day.

They also disclosed that borrowed airtime or data will be deducted from your next recharge.

The process has help subscribers eliminate the worry of low call card or run out of airtime when making that important call, hence you can borrow base on your eligibility.

We shall take a look at how to borrow Airtime{Call credit} from Glo Nigeria, MTN Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria and 9mobile formally know as Etisalat Nigeria.

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How to Borrow Airtime {Call credit} from MTN Nigeria

There are two methods that is applicable whenever you want to borrow Airtime from Mtn they are *606# Menu and 606 IVR

How Borrow Airtime from MTN

To borrow data from MTN kindly follow the steps below:

1.Simply dial *312#
2.Then select 6
3.Select 2
4. select your preferred data plan from the list.
5.Once you select XtraTime you know much much you can borrow


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How to Borrow Airtime {Call credit} from GLO Nigeria

To borrow Airtime from Glo Nigeria you have two options either by dialing *303# or online

Below are shortest code to borrow Airtime from Glo

*303*50# for N50,
*303*100# for N100,
*303*200# for N200,
*303*500# for N500
*303*1000# for N1000


How to Borrow Airtime {Call credit} from Airtel Nigeria

Airtel offer what is know as Extra Credit Service, this service allow it’s subscribers to borrow airtime when you run out of call card during emergency

To borrow Airtime from Airtel Nigeria Dial *303# which will provide you with all the denominations of airtime available to borrow. But To get specific denominations dial: *303*amount#. from your Airtime Line


How to Borrow Airtime {Call credit} from 9mobile/Etisalat Nigeria

The 9mobile formally known as Etisalat offer it customers morecredit, this service allow subscribers borrow airtime .they also revealed that customers  can now  borrow more on existing credit if you need more. repay on your next recharge.

To Borrow airtime or call credit from 9mobile simply dial *303# then choose your amount domination that you are eligible to borrow.

To know if you are eligible for 9mobile morecredit & how much you can borrow, simply text ‘STATUS’ to 303

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