How to borrow Data from MTN, Glo,Airtel and 9mobile

How to borrow Data from MTN, Glo,Airtel and 9mobile Nigeria

Data provide the solution that enable researcher browse the web,it could been seen as life wire to any telecom subscriber that make use of smart phone .

Customers can now borrow data on credit when they run out of data and pay back on their next recharge. The service is provided by both MTN XtraByte ,Glo Borrow Me Data, AitelCredit Loan Service and 9mobile

However, Note:  it not all subscribers that is qualify to borrow data except you meet the following requirements.

Your SIM must be registered.
–You must have been active on the network for at least 3 months.
–Have spent at least N200 monthly for 3 months
–Have between N0 and N75 in your main account

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Charges fess

You will be charge 15% service charge except for the N25 loan which has a service charge of 20%.

How to Borrow Data from MTN

You can borrow data in two ways either *606# Menu ussd code or a 606 IVR

How to borrow data on MTN using *606# Menu ussd code

Dial *606# and select XtraByte.
Then select your preferred data plan from the list

How to Borrow data from MTN using 606 IVR

Simply dial 606
Then select your preferred language, either English, Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba.
Select either XtraTime or XtraByte.
select your preferred data plan from the list.

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How to borrow data from Glo network

To borrow data from Glo simply dial *321# and repay on your next recharge

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How to Borrow data from Airtel Nigeria.

To borrow data from Airtel Nigeria simply dial ; *500# or dial: *500*amount# to get specific denominations

You can also check if you are eligible to borrow data through *500#.


How to borrw Data from 9mobile Nigeria

9Mobile  Nigeria doesn’t allow subscribers to borrow data yet, so you have to borrow airtime and then convert it to data.

To borrow  Airtime on 9mobile network, simply dial *665# on your phone.

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