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The second largest South Africa’s mobile operator has a Convenient Internet connectivity on the go for your phone since Data is the oxygen that help to fuel the internet.

The good aspect of Vodacom, subscribers that have run out of data are automatically redirected to the Zero-D portal, branded Vodacom Flex, where they continue to have access to essential internet services.They also has the freedom to choose between cost-effective recurring or once-off bundles.

A data bundle is a cost-effective and convenient way to ensure that you always have enough fuel for your Internet experience.

At daily basic we use data when we send or receive information such as when you open a web page, send a Whatsapp message, or upload a photo to Facebook.

Our smart phones and other electronic devices are almost permanently connected to the Internet and this is why we need data to enhance our daily connectivity .

Good data bundle is a cost effective and convenient way to ensure that you always have enough resource for your Internet experience.

Where and how  to buy data bundles on vodacom South Africa


You can bu data bundle on your vodacom  telecom in south africa in various method as stated below:


To buy data bunle via vodacom simply Dial *135# and follow the prompt,It is FREE from a Vodacom cellphone.


2. My Vodacom app

Kindly Download the My Vodacom app from your app store and register . once done you can buy data check data balance and many more activities.

3. VodaPay app

You can also Download the VodaPay app from your app store . this will enable you to buy data and airtime on the go

Monthly data plan for vodacom


Vodacom Monthly recurring bundles Available bundles:

Data – Price – Rate Per MB

240MB – R29 – 0.12c
420MB – R49 – 0.12c
600MB – R69 – 0.12c
1.2GB – R85 – 0.07c
3.6GB – R229 – 0.07c
7.2GB – R349 – 0.05c
12GB – R469 – 0.04c
36GB – R699 – 0.02c
50GB – R799 – 0.02c
100GB – R999 – 0.01c
from R29 for 240MB


Vodacom Once-off bundles Available bundles:

Data – Price – Rate Per MB
50MB – R12 – 0.24c
200MB – R29 – 0.14c
350MB – R49 – 0.14c
500MB – R69 – 0.14c
1GB – R85 – 0.08c
2GB – R149 – 0.07c
4GB – R249 – 0.06c
6GB – R349 – 0.06c
10GB – R469 – 0.046c
15GB – R529 – 0.034c
30GB – R699 – 0.023c
from R12 for 50MB


Open View bundles Available bundles:

Data – Price – Rate Per MB
1GB + 1GB (Night Owl) – R49 – 0.048c
2GB + 2GB (Night Owl) – R99 – 0.024c
5GB + 5GB (Night Owl) – R199 – 0.038c
10GB + 10GB (Night Owl) – R299 – 0.029c
20GB + 20GB (Night Owl) – R399 – 0.015c

from R49 for 1GB

Weekly vodacom data bundles


Weekly bundles

Data – Price – Rate Per MB
120MB – R17 – 0.14c
250MB – R29 – 0.12c
500MB – R49 – 0.10c
1GB – R69 – 0.07c
2GB – R99 – 0.05c
5GB – R199 – 0.04c
from R17 for 120MB

Night Owl weekly bundles
Available bundles:
Data – Price – Rate Per MB
100MB – R29 – 0.29c
1GB – R49 – 0.048c
from R29 for 100MB


Daily vodacom data plan

Internet daily bundles

Internet daily bundles
Available bundles:
20MB – R5
60MB – R9
100MB – R15
1GB – R29
from R5 for 20MB

Night Owl daily bundles

Available bundles:
50MB – R4
100MB – R7
250MB – R14
from R4 for 50MB

Hourly data bundles
Available bundles:
50MB – R5
1GB – R12
from R5 for 50MB




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