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How to register/Enroll for Access Mobile app and internet banking

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Access bank has introduced Mobile and internet banking which enable customers carry financial transactions easily without visiting the banking hall.

The AccessMore is a new mobile payment application and online banking built on cutting- edge technology. It offers additional features and benefits to customers that helps create excellent customer experience. There are no enrollment fees nor monthly or any other periodic charges; however there are transaction charges.

This is an innovative payment application offers a “more than banking experience.The App is easy to use and is available for download on the Android Play-store and iOS Store.while their online banking is available via Access bank secure online portal .

With access bank Mobile and online Banking services you can do basic banking transactions from the convenience of your mobile phone, laptop anyday, anytime, anywhere anytime. It is convenient, fast and secure.

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Features of Access bank Mobile app

1. Instant loans
2. Schedule payment
3. Nearby payment (Bluetooth payment)
4. Flight booking
5. Foreign currency transfers
6. Self-Pay QR generation for Intra-bank Transfers
7. Credit card repayment
8. Bills payment
9. Airtime purchase
10. transfer
11. check account balance and history


How do I activate my AccessMore app

To register for an access bank mobile application you need to follow the steps below.


Existing customers

1. Visit the Android PlayStore or iOS Store
2. Download the “AccessMore” app
3. After a successful download, login with your existing credentials of either Access or Diamond Mobile Apps


New Customers

1. Visit the Android PlayStore or iOS Store
2. Download the “AccessMore” app
3. Select ‘Sign up’ to register
4. Select Unique User ID and Password
5. Create PIN with card or OTP sent to mobile number/ Call our Contact Center(01-2702005) to set up an E-PIN/token.


Transaction limit on AccessMore

The Individual transaction limit is N5m per day (N1m per transaction).


How can I request a token?

To request for access bank token please kindly Call access bank Contact Center on 01-271-2005-7 for soft token of NGN 1,500.


How Do I Register on Access Online?

To register for Access Bank internet banking, you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the Access Bank website (
2. Click on the Register or Sign up button.
3. Select Personal or Business depending on the type of account you have.

4. Fill in the required details such as your account number, name, email address, and phone number..

5. Create a username and password that you can easily remember. Make sure to follow the password requirements, which often include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

6. After filling in all the required information, review it to ensure everything is correct, then click “Submit” or “Register” to complete the registration process.

7. Access Bank will send you an activation email to the email address you provided during registration. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account.

8. Once your account is activated, you can now log in to Access Bank internet banking using your chosen username and password.

If you encounter any difficulties during the registration process, it is recommended to contact Access Bank’s customer support for assistance.


Access bank ussd for transaction

Access bank *901# is available to all individual account holders (sole signatory) whose phone numbers are registered with any of the mobile network operators (MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9 Mobile) and correctly maintained with the Bank.

How can I enroll on Access bank ussd code on *901#?


To enroll for access bank ussd code on *901#, simply follow the steps below:
1. Dial *901# with your registered phone number
2. Click on ‘Transfer’
3. Enter the last 6 digits of your Debit Card number (You will be prompted to input your Date of Birth if you do not have an active debit card).
4. Enter your account number
5. Create a 4-digit PIN


Transaction limit on Access bank ussd service?

The maximum daily transfer limit for access bank ussd is N100,000 (N20,000 per transaction) Daily maximum limit on Airtime top-up is N20,000

However, you can transfer above N20,000 you will need a hardware token or the last six digits of your debit card is required. You can request a token from any of our branches nearest to you.

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