How to Apply for Nigerian international passport online

How to Apply for Nigerian international passport online

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The Nigerian International Passport serves as an essential travel document that allows Nigerian citizens to explore the world beyond their borders.It is an official identification and a crucial tool for international travel, enabling individuals to visit various countries for business, education, tourism, or personal reasons.

Obtaining a Nigerian International Passport is a straightforward process that has been made even more accessible with the advent of online applications.

In the past, obtaining a passport required visiting physical passport offices and enduring long queues. However, with the introduction of online application systems by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), applicants can now conveniently apply for their passports from the comfort of their homes or offices.

This technological advancement has significantly simplified and expedited the passport application process.

In this guide, we will explore how to apply for a Nigerian International Passport online, providing step-by-step instructions to ensure a hassle-free experience.



Key Takeaways


• Make sure the Information you fill online during your international passport application tally with the information with your NIN

• Don’t miss up your Names: make sure your surname is not missed up with first name or miss up your first name with middle name if not you will not be able to capture your biometric when you are at the immigration passport office

• Make  sure your date of birth is the same in your NIN else you need to visit NIN office for modification

• You can easily track your application and process stage online with your application number and Reference number this enables you to stay in the comfort of your rooms and know the status of your passport applications.

•  If your information did not match your NIN information especially re issue passport try and visit NIN office for modification before your biometric date.

• You can contact Servicom for assist and complain via Email:


As a travel document provided by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) on behalf of the federal government of Nigeria for identity confirmation and immigration purposes.Nigeria Government provide different types of passports that are:

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Types of Nigeria International passport

1. Enhance Passport or Standard Passport
2.Official Passport
3. Diplomatic Passport


The Electronic Document Management System will ensure.

1. Tracking of application,
2. Effective communication with applicants on status of the application, and collection,
3. Eliminate human interference,
4. Enhances document storage system,
5. Enhances prompt decision making,
6.Ease process flow


Standard e-passports (with a green cover) are available to all Nigerian citizens. Meanwhile, Official e-passports (with a blue cover) are only issued to Nigerian diplomats and government officials.

Nigeria international passport is  usually classified by pages (32 and 64) and by type (standard and official). The 32-paged passport is typically provided to citizens who do not travel abroad frequently. On the other hand, you can apply for a passport with 64 pages if your employment/business requires you to make multiple international business trips per year.


General requirements for an international passport

1.Standard Passport

To get Nigeria Standard Passport you need to provide the following details

1.Local Government letter of identification.
2 recent colour passport photographs
3. Guarantor’s form sworn to before a commissioner of Oaths / Magistrate / High Court Judge
4. Parents’ letter of consent for minors under 16 years
5.Marriage certificate where applicable
6. Police report in case of lost passport
7. Submit application with supporting documents to passport office / Embassy / High commission

8.Birth certificate / age declaration.


2.Official Passport

To get official passport in Nigeria you need to provide the following documents

1.Letter of introduction from appropriate State Government, Federal Government Ministry / Organization.
2.Marriage certificate where applicable
3. Police report in case of lost passport
4. Letter of appointment / last promotion .
5.Submit application with supporting documents to passport office / Embassy / High commission


Applying For A Nigerian International Passport Online

1. Visit the official website of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) to start your online application process.

2. Create an account by providing your personal details, including your full name, date of birth, and contact information.

3. Complete the online application form by entering accurate information about your identity, nationality, and address.

4. Upload scanned copies of required documents such as your birth certificate, valid identification card, and proof of Nigerian citizenship.

5. Pay the necessary fees using the available online payment platforms provided on the NIS website.

6. Schedule an appointment at a designated passport office for biometric data capture and submission of original documents.

7. Attend the appointment on the scheduled date with all required original documents and supporting evidence.


Required Documents And Fees For Nigerian International Passport Application

When applying for a Nigerian international passport online, there are certain documents that are required to complete the application process. These documents serve as proof of identity and nationality.

The required documents include a completed application form, a birth certificate or age declaration affidavit, an expired or old passport (if applicable), two recent passport-sized photographs, and a guarantor’s form duly signed by a Nigerian citizen.

Additionally, applicants are expected to provide supporting documents such as proof of payment, proof of address (utility bill or bank statement), and a letter of consent from parents or guardians for applicants under the age of 18.

It is important to note that these requirements may vary depending on the type of passport being applied for (standard or official). Regarding fees, applicants are required to pay an application fee which varies depending on the type and validity period of the passport.

There may also be additional charges for expedited processing or delivery services if desired.


Tips And Important Information For A Successful Online Application

1. Gather all required documents: Before starting your online application for a Nigerian international passport, ensure you have all the necessary documents at hand. This includes your birth certificate, proof of Nigerian citizenship, valid identification, and two passport-sized photographs.

2. Familiarize yourself with the application process: Take the time to thoroughly understand the steps involved in applying for a Nigerian international passport online.
Read through the guidelines provided on the official website to avoid any confusion or mistakes during the application process.

3. Ensure accurate information: Double-check all details entered during your online application to ensure accuracy. Any mistakes or discrepancies may lead to delays or rejection of your application.

4. Pay attention to photograph requirements: Follow the specific guidelines regarding photograph size, background color, and facial expressions outlined by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in rejection of your application.

Please Note: Make sure your information on your National Identification Number (NIN) is the same with your international passport information page if not you will have issue when it come to NIN validation process during your passport enrollment process.

How to track your Nigeria international passport

To track your Nigeria international passport kindly visit

Then enter your

•  Application Number
•  Reference Number


How to check your Nigeria international passport status

•  To check your international Passport Status visit:

Then Enter your:

• Application Number:
• Reference Number:


How to reach or contact Nigeria international passport official

If you have any complaint kindly send an email to Nigeria International passport office at

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