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How to register for Unity bank internet banking and Mobile App and transfer money

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The Unity bank Internet Banking is a secured platform with robust channels designed with ultramodern technology to give you unlimited access to your accounts and allows you enjoy seamless banking transactions anytime, anywhere.

You can enjoy features such as single and multiple transfer, bills payments, (GOTV and DSTV subscription, Data Bundle purchase, utility bill, etc.) Standing Instructions and lots more.

Also their Mobile Banking App  and ussd code lets you carry your bank with you wherever you go. You can perform transactions and manage your bank account(s) from your mobile device.

It is convenient banking at your fingertips. Enjoy quick and reliable..you can now check account balances, view bank statements online, make transfers, and even carry out prepaid service purchases.



What can you do with Unity bank Internet banking and Mobile App

All Uity bank customers can check account balances, view account statements, view and download transaction history for various accounts, transfer funds, buy airtime, pay bills and much more.

1.Check account balances and transaction history
2.Transfer funds between accounts
3. Pay bills and make other payments
4.View and download account statements
5.Apply for loans and other financial products
6.Update contact information and personal details
7. Open new accounts

How to register for unity bank internet banking

1.To get started with unity bank internet banking click unifionline.unitybankng.com/signup/choose-type
2.You will be asked if you have an existing account or Not ?Then click on i have an account
3. Then Input your account number so the bank can fetch your details, this will only take a minute!
4, Click continue to complete your account online registration
5.Then Create a unique username and password for your online banking account. Make sure to choose a strong password that includes a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters


Also you can download the form from our website: www.unitybankng.com. The forms are also available at all our branches. Fill and submit the forms at any of our branches or scan and send it to we_care@unitybankng.com. You will be set up in less than 5 minutes and your login details will be sent to your mailbox. Check your mail for your user id and password will be sent in two separate mails.

How to register for Unity bank Mobile App

Before you get started you  need  to download Unifi by Unity Bank on Google Play store and Apple Store.All Unity Bank corporate and individual account holders. can make use of mobile app and internet banking

2.Existing Unity Bank account holders should click on ‘Get Started’, ‘I have a Unity Bank account’ and input the existing Unity Bank account number.

3. Non existing account holders can also use the app by simply clicking on ‘I don’t have a Unity Bank account’, and then proceed to open a unifi account”

4. Create your Username and Password , Log in and start transacting!

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How to transfer Money with Unity Bank Internet Banking

With unity bank Internet Banking, you can easily send cash to family and friends and business associate what you need is to Login and start your transfer with the steps given below:

1.Login with your user name and password
2.Click on “Transfer” tab
3,Click Self Linked transfer, Unity Bank Transfers, Other Banks Transfer
3, Select “Account number” to debit
4. Fill the other beneficiary details
5. Click “Next”
6.Enter the 6 digit number generated on your token device
7. Click “Authorize”

How do I download my e-statements?

To download unity bank statement of account just Click on “Download” under the accounts menu and select the duration for the statement you wish to download. (Please note that for optimal performance of this service, Internet Explorer 8 is required but preferably, you can download the csv file format from all types of browser)

How do I check previous Unity bank transactions?

Click on “Activity” under the accounts menu to check you transactions, you may select the duration for the activities you wish to view

How do I recharge a phone?

To recharge your airtime from Unity bank account Click on “Bills”, select the account and select “Mobile Recharge” under the category, enter the beneficiary phone number under “Bill Reference” field, and authenticate with a token.


How do I check my account balance?

To check Unity bank account balance Click on “Accounts” on the menu tiles, then click on “Activity” to view your account balance.

Where can I view my transaction history?

You can view your Unity bank transaction history by Clicking on “Activity” under the accounts menu to check your transactions, you may select the duration for the activities you wish to view.

I cannot remember my password, what do I do?

You may reset your Unity bank password using the “Forgot Password” link just above your True Stamp on the login page


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