How to register for Sterling bank Internet banking & Mobile App as well transfer money

How to register for Sterling bank Internet banking & Mobile App as well transfer money

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Do you want to learn how to transfer money, buy airtime, check account balance and do many more from sterling bank online banking and Mobile App and you don’t know the process?

Sterling bank has unveiled how customers can easily transfer money , buy Airtime and check account balance using their mobile phone and laptop. The bank which  brands itself as  customer friendly mobile App and Online banking is second to none when it comes to digital banking via  financial transactions on the Internet.  many more service

In this article, you can learn how you can register on the platform to check your balance, transfer money, With OneBank, you can get everything done without entering a branch.

Customers can get personal banking & financial services ranging from Debit Cards, Personal Loans & Savings to Electronic Products and Money Transfer- .opening bank account and many more. It gives you full access to your account.

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You can enjoy the experience of starting an investment plan, applying for a loan transferring forex. Whilst using the app, you get to enjoy a dynamic news feed, scrolling forex and so many other features to look forward to.

Therefore Stay in control and bank on your terms. Download, create an account and transact all around the world from the convenience of your mobile phone and laptop

Features of sterling bank Internet banking and Mobile App

1.Create a Wallet
2.Authentication Options
3.Send and Receive Money
4.Foreign Transfer
5.Freeze/Unfreeze Card
6.Cardless Withdrawal
7.Recurrent Payment
8.Contact Us
9.Pay bills & airtime
11. Loans

How to register for Sterling Bank internet banking

1.Before you can get started with sterling bank internet banking , you need to Visit Sterling bank online page to get started with the registration process.

But if you don’t have an account enter your BVN, name, and date of birth and follow the instructions to complete registration

2. Click on Signup
3.Enter your bank account number if you already has an account but if you don’t open one
4. click continue and fill all the required information as required by the bank

How to register for Sterling bank Mobile App:

1.Account holders should simply download sterling bank mobile apps from Google play store or from Appstore to get started.

2.Enter your details correctly, including your Sterling Bank Account Number and your phone number.

3. “submit” Your registration


What can you do with sterling bank mobile app and online banking

As Sterling bank customers you can easily check your balance, send someone money, pay your bills, purchase data and airtime, and even perform a cardless withdrawal, with mobile app and internet banking.

How to request for debit card from sterling bank

1. To request a debit card from sterling bank kindly Login to the OneBank app
2. Select Cards in the Menu
3. Select Request Debit Card
4. Click Verve Card
5. Provide all necessary details
6. Card will be delivered to your specified address.

How to transfer money

You can transfer money from Sterling Bank mobile app to another bank by following the steps below:


Transfer money with sterling bank Mobile App

1.To get started with One bank mobile app money transfer kindly  Sign In after after registration process.
2Then  click on “Transfer” button
3. Tap the  account you want to make the transfer from
4. indicate the transfer type
5.Input the recipient’s account number
6.Enter the amount
7. Review and confirm
8 Enter your PIN  to send cash immediately.


Transfer money with Sterling Bank Internet Banking

1.To send money via sterling bank internet banking ,kindly Sign In Sterling Bank account.
2.Then Tap“Transfer Funds” .
3. Enter the amount you want to send
4.Then enter  recipient’s account number
5. Review the transaction details and confirm the transfer.

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