How to buy Airtime recharge from Nigeria Banks using Mobile ussd transfer code

How to buy Airtime recharge from Nigeria Banks using Mobile ussd transfer code

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Have you ever run out of airtime while making an important call? Or, had insufficient balance to make a call during an emergency?,the goodness is that you can now buy airtime from your bank phone ussd code to continue your call.Stay ahead, stay connected!

In an attempt to promote financial inclusion for inclusive growth, banks have embraced technology making financial services accessible due to its perceived relevance as catalyst for economic growth since it is critical for attaining inclusive growth in an economy.

With bank USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) you can now buy data/Airtime, transfer funds, pay bills and many more from your comfort zone on the go.

The bank mobile ussd service is seamless, fast and secure and it can be perform from MTN, Glo ,Airtel and 9mobile , it’s accessible 24/7 , buying Airtime from your bank does not require charges as against other financial transaction

It works 24 hours. Besides, it will take only 16 seconds to buy Airtime or data. It means that this service saves you time. You don’t have to stay in long queues in banks.
We are going to discuss how to buy Airtime from all Nigeria banks using Mobile ussd code.

This product provides banking services such as airtime recharge, transfers, bill payments and more to our customers from any mobile device without data or internet connection. service is secure, reliable and provides seamless banking experience to customers.

USSD service makes banking services available across all GSM networks, on any type of handset or device; iphone, android, blackberry and even simple feature phones famously referred to in Nigerian lingo as ‘kpalasa’. It requires no internet service connection and can be used in remote locations across Nigeria

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1. Polaris Bank

To buy airtime for family and friends from Polaris bank dial *833*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# and follow the on-screen prompts{ Example: *833*400*090705835228#} to buy NGN 400 recharge card for 090705835228

To purchase Airtime for yourself from Polaris bank Dial *833*AMOUNT# . This must doen done with your Mobile number that is linked to your account.


2. Unity Bank

To continue that your important gist, kindly buy Airtime from Unity bank by dialing *7799*Phoneno*amount# to buy recharge for Third party

To buy recharge card or airtime for self from Unity bank dial *7799*Amount# – Self recharge


3. *945# Wema Bank USSD Codes

You can buy Airtime or recharge card from Wema Bank by dialing *945*phoneNo*amount# to buy Airtime for others

But to buy Airtime or recharge card for yourself via wema bank dial *945*amount#.. but if you want to buy Airtime/Data – from wema bak dial *945*9#


4. Sterling bank ussd *822#

You can buy Airtime or recharge card for your phone line from sterling bank at any time and from anywhere by dialing *822*AMOUNT*PhoneNumber# TO RECHARGE FOR A FRIEND/FAMILY Example:
Dial *822*700*0816543789# from your mobile phone to recharge your friend’s phone with ₦700 airtime

To buy recharge card or airtime for your phone from sterling bank dial *822*AMOUNT#


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5. Union Bank *826#

To recharge or buy airtime from union bank dial *826*Amount*3rd party mobile No# to buy airtime for others ,,,,But to buy airtime for yourself via union bank dial *826*Amount#


6. Fidelity bank *770#

To recharge or buy airtime for another phone from fidelity bank , Dial *770*PHONE NUMBER*AMOUNT# Example: From your phone, dial *770*0812345679*3000# to recharge ₦3,000 on another phone

To buy an Airtime or recharge card by self from fidelity bank dial : Dial *770*AMOUNT# Example: From your phone, dial *770*2000# to recharge ₦2,000 on your phone.


7. Guaranty trust bank 737

To buy Airtime or send recharge card to a third party or to a friend and family from Gtbank, simply dial *737*Amount*Recipient’s number# (e.g. *737*800*08065436789#)

To Top-up Airtime for self OR BUY AIRTIME from Gtbank Simply dial *737*amount# on your phone (e.g. *737*1000#) to buy airtime.

8,First city monument Bank

FCMB ussd code allows customers top up airtime,To buy recharge from fcmb Dial*329*Amount# to top-up your mobile phone.

But to buy for others from FCMB Dial *329*Amount*Mobile number# to top-up FAMILY OR FRIENDS mobile phones.


9.FirstBank USSD*894#

To buy airtime from the first bank : simply dial *894*Amount# to recharge for self; to recharge for others, dial *894*Amount*Phone Number# and enter five-digit PIN.


10. Heritage Bank 745-ussd

To buy Airtime from Heritage bank to (Third Party):family and friends dial 745*amount*mobilenumber# while to buy airtime for self dial 745*amount#

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11.Standard chartered bank *977#

Standard chartered bank customers can buy airtime for themselves and others by dialing *977# and follow the onscreen message to complete the recharge purchase process.


12. UBA Bank

You can use UBA MAGIC CODE *919# to top up airtime on your phone and for others. TO BUY AIRTIME/RECHARGE CARD FROM UBA Simply dial *919*Phone Number* Amount# (e.g. *919*08123998789*500#) to recharge for others .

While to buy Airtime or recharge card for yourself from UBA Bank dial *919*amount# on your registered mobile line (e.g. *919*700#)


13. Zenith Bank Plc

To recharge or buy Airtime from Zenith bank Dial *966*amount*mobile number# and follow the prompt message to buy either recharge for self or thirty party from zenith bank


14. Stanbic IBTC Bank USSD Banking – *909#

To buy Airtime from Stanbic IBTC Bank using USSD Banking dial *909# and follow the prompt message also you can recharge by dialing *909* amount*phone number# to buy recharge card for thirty party but to buy airtime for-self via stanbic ibtc bank dial *909*Amount#


15.Key Stone Bank

To buy recharge card or airtime for other others from Keystone bank : dial *7111*Amount*Phone Number# (Example.*7111*3000*080555523344); Input your T-PIN;

But to buy Airtime or recharge from keystone bank for yourself dial: *7111*Amount# (e.g. *7111*1200#) on bank registered phone;


16. Access Bank

To buy airtime from Access bank for yourself, simply dial *901*Amount# on your phone that is linked to your account.

But to buy a recharge card or Airtime from Access bank to others dial Dial *901*amount*phone number# (for example, *901*100*08055550000#, to buy 100 naira airtime for mobile number, 08055550000000.


17. EcoBank

to buy Airtime from Ecobank Dial *326# ( Example, *326#, press the number 3 to buy airtime for Friends mobile number….Please this must be done from your registered Ecobank account.

To buy for yourself via Ecobank Dial *326# and follow the prompt message to top up your line and continue making your vital call


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