All GOtv Packages and Channels list Nigeria

Do you want to know various Gotv subscription packages you can and view via  the broadcaster MultiChoice Gotv?  The company was born on the African continent and its history can be traced back to 1986 when a number of South African media companies formed Africa’s first pay TV channel, M-Net.

In 1995, MultiChoice launched its premium DStv bouquet on a newly-constructed digital platform, which has since grown to cover nearly 50 countries in Africa and adjacent Indian Ocean islands, offering a range of pay-television services with a variety of language options and excellent quality viewing.

MultiChoice offers packages allowing subscribers flexibility in pricing and choice, including DStv Premium, DStv Compact +, DStv Compact, DStv Family and DStv Access, as well as numerous channels via GOtv and GOtv Plus?. In addition, specialist bouquets and channels for Indian, French, Chinese and Portuguese subscribers offer a range of exciting content that caters specifically to these cultural and language markets.

GOtv is a pay television offering on digital terrestrial television (DTT) and is Africa’s first commercial operation using the advanced DVB-T2 digital standard. Visit the Get GOtv section for more information or take a quick look at our  content to see the  Packages to watch and  channels are available on each package.


GOtv Nigeria has recently launched a new package GOtv Supa, this brings the total to five (5):

  • GOtv Supa
  • GOtv Max
  • GOtv Plus
  • GOtv Value
  • GOtv Lite

1.GOtv Supa

The supa package from Gotv has more than 80 channels which is Crystal clear picture with more local channels, more for the kids, more lifestyle channels, more novellas.

The supa package from Gotv has

3 Music Channels
6 Sports Channels
6 Movie Channels
68 Other genre Channels

Supa Gotv Monthly Subscription package NGN5500


2. GOtv Max

GOtv Max package is Packed with 75+ local and international channel series, movies, telenovelas and kids shows. Guaranteeing a little something for everyone to enjoy.

The Gotv max package has

3 Music Channels
6 Sports Channels
4 Movie Channels
63 Other genre Channels

Gotv mx package price NGN 3600 Monthly


3. GOTV JOLLI {GOtv Plus}

GOtv Jolli guarantees affordable entertainment with flexible payment options to suit your lifestyle.It has 65+ CHANNELS

The Gotv JOLLI package has

3 Music Channels
3 Sports Channels
3 Movie Channels
58 Other genre Channels

Monthly subscription Gotv JOLLI price is NGN 2460

4.GOTV JINJA {GOtv Value}

This package will offer a narrower selection of options, but the price gets even lower. The available 45+ GOtv Jinja channels

The monthly payment price is NGN 1640


Lite on price, big on quality. GOtv Smallie is the easiest way to watch your local favorites with crystal clear channels.

The available 35+ GOtv Jinja channels include 35 other genre
Channels and 1 Sports Channels

The monthly payment price is NGN 800

Where can i pay for Gotv

You can pay Online using the MyGOtv App,OR at your nearest branch and through one of our GOtv dealer