Polaris bank Payday loan and salary advance

How to apply for Polaris bank Payday loan and salary advance

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Polaris bank Payday loan and salary advance is a quick  credit cash  designed to  offset customers pressing needs and unexpected expenses. the digital loan can be accessed by a salary earner who’s account is domicile with Polaris bank.

As the top commercial banks in Nigeria, the short-term  loan is an unsecured loan because it doesn’t require any -collateral facility, you can  get approved  and disbursed in less than one  minute using the bank USSD code.  customers can access loans anytime, anywhere and available to all salary earners (both Polaris account holders and non-account holders).

Borrowers can Access 50% of their monthly net income upfront as long as you are an employee  in any of private companies, civil servants in state and federal employment. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have an account with Polaris Bank or not.

The credit facility has a tenor of 30 days renewable monthly with minimal documentation and competitive interest rate that relies on the borrower’s  employment records. Salary Advance  and payday loan beneficiary can repay it either out of their  next payday or over an agreed .

This  article is designed to provide solution on how to get a payday loan or salary advance from Polaris bank

How to Eligible to apply for Polaris bank Payday loan and salary advance

1.To qualify for payday loan or salary advance  applicants must be in employment of reputable organizations in both private and public sectors
2.  Salary account must be domiciled with Polaris Bank
3. Terms and conditions apply

4. Try and improve your savings so you can stand a better and higher chance of loan with competitive interest rate


How to Apply for Polaris bank Payday loan and salary advance


1. Before you can apply for salary advance or payday loan via Polaris bank , you must be an employee who earns a salary or has assured/regular income.

2. Once you meet the above requirements kindly dial *833*12# from your mobile phone and follow the instructions to access the Payday loan/Salary Advance.

Alternatively, you can Visit any of the Polaris bank branches closest to you to complete a loan application form and submit the same with other required documents.


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