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How to block Keystone Bank and Polaris bank ATM Card Account

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When ever your debit card get lost or stolen you can easily block your account yourself without going to the banking hall. all you need is to follow the steps by steps guild-line to enable you perform this seamless service without stress.

Most time our account are compromise by fraudsters or we misplaced our belongs . when this happened we become restless as Smartphones and tablets are portable computers, and therefore need similar protection. Here are some tips you can use to increase the security of your mobile device and block your account.

How to block Keystone Bank

To block your Keystone ATM card account kindly dial *7111*911# is your best bet to block your account on any phone

How to block Polaris bank account to safeguard your money

You can block your Polaris bank account from both a mobile line linked to your account and that not linked to your account. If you feel your bank details have been compromised or you are getting unauthorized debit on your account, kindly dial *833*13# from your registered phone number with the bank, your account will be blocked immediately

How to protect your account and debit/credit card

Find below some tips to keep in mind when handling your cards from bank

1. Always keep your pin and card separate.
2. Be sure that nobody is looking over your shoulder when you enter your PIN on the ATM. 3. Even if you aren’t aware of anyone watching you, it is still a good idea to shield the keys of the ATM with your other hand when you enter your PIN.
4. Don’t allow anybody have access to your card PAN and PIN.
5. As much as possible avoid giving your cards to people to make withdrawals or carry out transactions on your behalf.

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