Twitter Agog As Banky W is Dragged, Nivea Capitalises On The Publicity To Launch Product


He has been called various names like Nivea Roll On head, Gorimapa etc. Twitter has been agog with Bankole Wellington known as Banky W, a popular entertainer that owns EME music for accusations from a news portal that he allegedly collected the whooping sun of ₦57 million from APC to do a public relation job for them in his EME music label that has evolved to a media communications firm. While some attack him because if either his political position pre 2015 or his campaign for elective position presently, it is not clear why he is being dragged. The actor/musician/producer has come to clarify issues and might take legal actions if necessary.

Twitter has been quite busy lately and the entertainment industry watching and his fans dragging him up and down. Nigerian Twitter users are known not to have chills, they have taken celebrities to the cleaners, far from the Instagram users that are a bit posh, the Nigerian Twitter users are so bad mouthed, they don’t care and literally don’t take prisoners. They beamed their searchlights on the Banky.

The actor has allegedly  threatened, the news channel with a legal suit and he has contacted his lawyers. In his words he said

“I can’t spend time engaging in a Twitter war with people who clearly don’t care about facts and truth, and prefer to push slander and lies because it makes for juicy news, regardless of who they need to drag in the dirt. ”

“I’ve called my lawyers, and sent screenshots of the latest lies and slander used against me. I hope the people who posted them are prepared to provide PROOF in court. Shey you have dragged my name in the mud again, you MUST provide proof of your accusations or you will go to jail”, he added.

Frank Edoho, another Nigerian presenter comes to the rescue of Banky, saying that Nigerians must encourage the young ones to contest in elections . In his tweet, he said “Young Nigerians insulting Banky W for having his own opinion. They are the ones who say they are tired of voting for old people in politics,  but don’t encourage the younger ones to run for office.This is why I only tweet football and oddities. Even motivation, you will not get from me.”

But Omalicha another user took a swipe at Frank Edoho telling him that being young isn’t enough. In her words she said “So because he is young, we should tolerate foolishness? That is how we did ‘young’ and now have to deal with the madness in Kogi State.”

In support of Bank W, Elsie Godwin said “But what has Banky W done to warrant such insult from an imbecile with 200 followers? This social media is a blessing and a curse! And with the way and manner so many users are rude and uncultured on this app, it’s becoming more of the latter in Nigeria .”

Apart from his political leaning , it is thought that Nigerians are dragging the entertainer because of his political role in the 2014 and they have an axe to grind with him.

Uyanwune Chukwuemeka a Twitter user replying Frank Edoho said “The same Banky in 2015 compared GEJ with a goat, and preferred GMB to. Today the narrative has changed and he now wants us to understand him. He needs to learn.”

Though Banky W has maintained his position on good governance, and he opined that “I’m in an uphill battle, going up against the two major parties, but I believe it is one worth fighting. We need to infiltrate Govt at the community level, & build capacity. I hope to inspire others to do the same. The problem is from the top but the solution is from the bottom.”

Though the Nigerian Twitter users called his talks rants and they advised him to go back to Instagram and continue his slaying. Cashing on the PR, the global cosmetic maker Nivea has used the opportunity to launch their Nigeria Twitter account and promised to launch a product known as Gorimapa Nivea dedicated to bald headed men.

Anthony Emeka  Nwosu


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