TSTV illegal Viewing Brouhaha



A lot has been going on behind the scene to ensure TSTV doesn’t become a reality. From internal issues that are not meant for public consumption to issues of letters and screen shots against TSTV flying all over the Internet.

While TSTV Africa was test-running their signals with the free promo decoders distributed just 3 days ago, hackers waited for when it was time for the Arsenal match, took down TSTV signal for 30 minutes and inserted the ” You are viewing Bein Sports content illegally via TSTV Nigeria” and sent it online for circulation. The entire team was frustrated and awake all night to figure out where the hack was coming from.

So BEIN Sports even know the location and company airing their channels illegally and cannot Institute a law suit? THINK!!

First, it was a disclaimer letter from BEIN Sports that was circulated last month and now this viewing phony message when TSTV finally went live. Why TSTV sports channels? Who is only interested in TSTV sports channels if not detractors? Are other TSTV channels not showing? Why the BEIN sport channel? They even told BEIN Sports that TSTV don’t have a license to operate in Nigeria set. That they have been blacklisted by the NBC. That’s the height of desperation. Let’s be wise.

Oh well… TSTV detractors should know one thing, that no matter the pressure and online propaganda to bring down TSTV with regards to BEIN Sports, the management of TSTV would never disclose the agreement they have with BEIN Sports because it’s a non-disclosure agreement. They won’t breach their part of the agreement. Know this!

If TSTV is airing BEIN illegally, BEIN Sports should make the move and sue. Let BEIN announce it on their official website and social media handles. BEIN Sports is a Qatar company and they have the all money and resources to fight TSTV. So I don’t understand why the illegal messages aren’t coming from their official channels but from some Nigerian social media handles. Funny…

Therefore, if you don’t see these messages on their website, then disregard letters, screen shots and fake Qatar ?? numbers on display in a time when anybody can have a UK phone number and the person is actually chilling somewhere in Ikotun. Phew!

Finally, Nigerians should know that the management of TSTV isn’t selling decoders so you can’t say they are defrauding you rather their decoders are FREE for now. So if the business crumbles at this early stage of take off, the young CEO of TSTV, Echefu Bright has nothing to lose. He would move on to another business and recover his loss from there. He’s been doing well with his Africa Health Television Channel. Nigerians are the ones who have everything to lose as an alternative entertainment platform and job opportunities would be lost!

Everyone working at Green Glass House would be sacked. That your friend, relative, spouse or neighborhood that would have been employed by TSTV or as an accredited dealer would lose that opportunity of having an income or additional income. Some of you who would later want to provide program contents will never get to see that opportunity . Let wisdom guide us. Every company that adds an additional number to the number of employed Nigerians is important even if it’s akara selling business, let’s support it.

Whatever digital television services provider you want to stay with, do so without grudges and support more alternatives to spring up and give you more value for your money.

Salute to the entire team at TSTV. Well done and good luck.


May Ubeku

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