OMG ! BobRisky released new powerful hot photos….isn’t he cute


To some , (s)he is such a person that you can’t say what he is up to. Folks are confused whether to call him a cross dresser or transgender. Though he hasn’t come out to tell the public that he has taken the Katlyn Jenner’s route. So that is ruled out and he hasn’t also told the the world that he is a member of the LGTB community. But what we can’t take away from him or she is that (s)he is such a cute dude and to some he is an inspiration while to some he might be a nuisance. He is Bobrisky

Having transformed to such a cute (wo)man…he has shown that Nigeria has come of age and the religious country is coming to terms and reality that there are folks that have a very special need in fashion and also the country is bracing up  for the new narrative….cross dressing! As it is found in the Western world so we are getting used to it.


OMG ! BobRisky released new powerful hot photos….isn’t he cute

Bobrisky,, is a Nigerianinternet personality, cross dresser, actor and entrepreneur who is known for his social media skill most notably with the use of Snapchat, a social media application.Bobrisky Born  Oku Idris Olarenwaju


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