Nigerian Girl Slays With Cucumber In Anambra State



Unlike most of what we see on social media and the emergence of the word “slay queen” which has been attributed to materialistic and fake lives most Nigerians live . They go on social media to post a lot of fake lifestyle to gain likes and admiration. But, in a change of narratives, Nigerian girl embraced agriculture and forgetting manicures , pedicures ,the posh environment for farm . A vegetable farmer and demonstrating that there is still “Dignity in Labour”

Mgbeke Oyibogalu celebrates after a bountiful harvest; shows off large quantities of Cucumbers in her farm. A Nigerian Cucumber farmer, Mgbeke is over the moon after a bountiful harvest.

Taking to Facebook, she posted photos of the the Cucumbers she harvested from her farm in Anambra State. In her words,

“And I still confess that my God is still extraordinarily awesome, faithful and dependable. Harvest Time still thriving… 3rd mode….same spot….Anambra
Ohh!! Can this love for Farm Fresh ever quench? Definitely no! Impossible is nothing…. Forget thou not”

Nigerians have been encouraged by the government to embrace agriculture. A lot of Nigerian youths view this occupation as tedious and dirty making them to be tagged as “lazy youths ” with entitlement mentality. This lady is a clear indication that not all Nigerian youths are lazy, some still find agriculture “cool”.

Anthony Nwosu and Emmanuel Chigbonkpa

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