My story with Religious place disturbing my peace and  the issue of noise Pollution !


Most of religious organisation in Lagos are major contributors of noise Pollution, there presence in most of the residential areas have made people think that it is hell on earth ,whereas these religious organization ought to guide our souls to heaven but due to their noise Pollution ,raising decibels higher than required , one is forced to ask ….what the hell is this ? But, there is a case study in Lagos , in the heart of GRA Ikeja,two big religious houses have demonstrated sanity in midst of insanity.

There’s a church in Ikeja GRA called Archbishop Vinning, I think it’s Anglican church, beside the church is another big mosque can’t remember the name, I drive through , trekked around that area every working day and even a few weekends. One thing is common about these worship places, you will almost think it’s just a structure and there are no activities going on there except that you see people going in and coming out, I remember attending a wedding at the Vinning church, we were already late but when we drove to their car park, we didn’t hear anything, my colleague i went with told me maybe they haven’t started or something but when we got infront of the church, i found that service was in full gear, the loud organ and the choir singing but from the church car park you cannot hear anything, let alone outside the church.

Same with the mosque beside it, I have never heard a call for prayer from that mosque or any kind of recitation voice out of that place, you have to be right inside the mosque to hear any recitation. Infact i did not notice there was a mosque in the place until i saw some groups of muslim worshippers trooping in and out of the mosque that day before I raised my head and I was like oh.. so this is a mosque?

So what am i driving at? if this big worship places could hold services without noise, without disturbing their neighbours, polluting the environment and causing untold hardship to residential houses and offices close to it, why do we have so many noise-making worship places in Lagos, placing speakers all over their fences. causing nuisance in the environment, why! why! why! I am saying this because I am ready to file a case against the Mountain of some  fire church who is barely operating from a car park of a compound close to us, they won’t let us rest every Monday morning, one single person will come to the place and the next thing the whole environment will be restless.

I drove past the place this morning and i decided to stop by, I saw the guy making the noise, just him and a sister inside the place, i excused him and advised him to desist from making noise and polluting the environment. If it continues i’ll have no choice than report to appropriate authorities, the last church i reported was completely shut down. And no i am no Anti-Church, I just want people to respect the right of others.

Roberta Edu


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