Innovation Support Network (ISN) Hubs announces the ISN2019 Gathering, its 1st Annual Gathering in Lagos, Nigeria




The largest network of innovation hubs in Nigeria, Innovation Support Network (ISN) Hubs will be hosting the ISN2019 Gathering themed ‘Building Sustainable Hubs to Support Nigerian Entrepreneurs’ its first annual gathering on the 23rd & 24th of October 2019 at The Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria. The main sponsor of the gathering is The Ford Foundation, a private foundation with the mission of advancing human welfare.


ISN2019 Gathering will bring together member hubs and other key ecosystem holders for learning, knowledge sharing, capacity development and networking as they review the previous year, receive insights into the future and plan the year ahead.


Image result for Innovation Support Network (ISN)“The constant increase in Nigeria’s youth population is an opportunity. It can also be a time bomb if their energy is not harnessed to facilitate Nigeria’s economic growth. Our innovation hubs are already providing the platform to achieve this.” – Hanson Johnson, ISN Hubs Ecosystem Director


“In order to achieve the scale of economic and social growth that Nigeria needs at the moment, we need to strengthen the institutions that provide services which contribute significantly to this growth. Innovation hubs across Nigeria fulfil an important role of supporting entrepreneurs build successful businesses that will create wealth, innovative solutions and jobs and ISN as a network organisation is an excellent platform we should all leverage on to collaborate with these hubs” – Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director, AfriLabs.

ISN2019 Gathering will feature Keynotes, Masterclasses, Panel Discussions, Exhibitions, and the organisation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). The 250 stakeholders expected at the gathering will include innovation hubs (and other entrepreneur support organizations), government & development agencies, angel investors & venture capitalists, corporate organizations, academia, startups, press and media.


While urging other development partners and the private sector to support the rapidly growing Nigerian entrepreneurial ecosystem, Fayo Williams, ISN Hubs Partnerships Director and Founder, Exponential Hub stated that “Hubs must be strengthened and provided with everything required for sustainability if Nigeria is to achieve the SDGs particularly SDG 1: Zero Hunger and SDG 8: Decent work and Economic Growth”.


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