Black Friday: How it started in Nigeria


Everyone has probably heard about Black Friday by now with all the hype and promise of super discounts and deals but if you are like many people you probably have no clue where the name came from. Well your “I too know” friends here at Kosava are here to drop some Black Friday knowledge on you with the story of its origins – and surprisingly why Nigeria is made for this shopping frenzy.

The Story

Originating from the United States, Black Friday is used to describe the day following Thanksgiving celebration, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November. In Philadelphia back in 1966 many took to the shops on the Friday following Thanksgiving as it proved to be a popular day for people to start their Christmas shopping. The cars crowded the roads for miles and created gridlock across the city leaving traffic police (or LASTMA as we call them) to manage the situation and help drivers navigate through the chaos.The newspapers described the incident with headlines saying “This Friday Was Black With Traffic,” and the term Black Friday was first used to describe the severe traffic on that day. Over time the meaning has changed and today it is used to refer to this big shopping event in which retailers slash prices and shoppers rush to the stores for great deals.

That being said, it is clear that Nigeria was made for Black Friday! We get that traffic everyday and I’m sure some of the traffic we have seen on some Fridays have been “blacker” than most. So in reality although it might be the newest shopping event on the scene it is certainly one that we can relate with.

May the Black Friday Deals be as grand as the traffic!

Source : Kosava

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