Religion is the opium of the masses, according to a popular philosopher, Karl Marx. This cliché has come to be true when you place religion in the lives of Nigerians especially women. In the Igbo land, South East of Nigeria, there is a saying that goes like this “onye jebe uka ojefuo uche” this can be loosely translated to mean “if you keep going to churches or immersed in religion, the tendency of common sense taking flight is high”, these notions seems to be apt from the ways Nigerian ladies take some of the men of God.

Pastors and priest , though not all have taken center stage of the lives of many families, in majority of our homes today, a lot of women accord their pastors more respect than their husbands. This situation has made many homes to either be in disarray or confused. The man gives order as the man of the house, some pastors counters it, when the wife consults them, most especially; these (gullible) women tend to listen to these pastors jettisoning that of the husband. In this video, the young lady advised women against such.

She advised that some of the pastors should stop using women and single ladies for domestic chore. In her video she advised that , if a pastor need his clothes to be washed, he should either get a help to do that, get a dry cleaner to do that  better still get a washing machine. The young lady also advised men to send their wives home for retraining, not divorce anyway if their wives keep misbehaving.



The Pentecostal churches have come under attack based on what some of these pastors do, from their luxurious lifestyles to using members of the church as cheap labour and human slavery. Though, we still have some good men of God that are truly doing their duty as True Men Of God, but as it stands now, the bad apples are giving the handful of good and Godly ones bad name.  Watchers of faith have opined that this is a stage that Christianity is passing through, which they term as “self-re-appraisals and reawakening.”


Anthony Emeka Nwosu






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