How many of your daily habits are shortening your lifespan? I bet you hardly think about it. That’s why you might be surprised to learn some strange things today on mybodymax. You may have been cutting minutes, days, weeks and years off your life with these 7 habits. Read on…..


*1. You drink with straw*
Surprised? Yeah, you age faster when you frequently drink with straw. Here’s why – when sipping drinks through a straw, you have to squeeze your lips. This action causes lines and wrinkles to form around your mouth, and before long, those lines and wrinkles stay permanent. What to do? ****_Try drink directly from the glass every time._

*2. You Sleep on your side*
Sleeping on your side, with your side face buried in the pillow, causes and increases wrinkles on the cheeks and chin. Experts believe that the best sleep position that makes you stay young, fresh and well rested, is to lie on your back. What to do?****_dont spiritualize it, try the new position._

*3. You watch too much TV*
Africa Magic, Zee World, Jennifer’s Diary, The Johnsons and so on, you know them. Those programs that make you stay glued to your TV set for so long are killing you!. One study found out that for every hour you spend watching TV, your life expectancy decreases by 22 minutes! This is because of the prolonged sitting position while you “enjoy” those programs. What to do? **** _cut down on those hours of TV and replace with aerobic session._

*4. You don’t get* enough sleep
Adults need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night. If you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t only look tired and older, it also shortens your life. Lack of sleep has been linked to a decreased immune function, weight gain, increased heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. What to do? ****_Experts advise going to bed at the same time avoid eating, drinking or using your phone at least 2hrs before bedtime._

*5. You don’t laugh*
From all our health research, laughter seems the cheapest medicine/supplement to give your body. Several studies show that a daily dose of “good” laughter decreases stress, improves blood pressure, energizes organs and boosts the immune system. What to do? ****_Find videos of AY live, Akpororo, Seyi Law etc and give yourself 30-45 minutes of good laughter therapy session daily_.

*6. Fear of Death*
Death, they say is inevitable. The fear of death is a common concern because it is one that all of us face. Boko Haram attacks, cancer, accident, sicknesses are a constant reminder that the end might be right around the corner. If you are harboring the fear of death, its time to stop. Research shows that even healthy individuals with constant fears about death have an increased chance of been hypertensive. What to do? ****_Read the holy books to remind yourself of God’s promises. Yoga and meditation can also be used to knock out concerns about death._

*7. Not enough Sex*
Hmmm….Are you of one of those “I have a headache/ I’m tired” excuse evangelist when “service is about to commence in the ministry”? I pity you! You might be killing your sex life and increasing the rate at which you are aging! A British Medical Journal report shows that older guys who had sex once a month had 2x the mortality rate compared to the guys the same age who were having sex once a week. The benefits of sex are many – burns calories, increases heart rate, lower blood pressure and releases good chemicals that calm the body and mind. What to do? **** _I dont know oo…Figure it out by yourself… I cannot talk too much.


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