When people say pastors that have private jets or influential should help in bringing Nigerians home and others say, “is it their duty?”, “are they government?”, it says a lot about present day Nigerian Christians. It shows there is little or no Jesus Christ in your type of Christianity. When we say build hospitals, schools etc., you say churches are not government, but we are followers of Christ or are we Christ followers just by our lips and not in deeds?

Jesus severally showed examples, he showed compassion, he stepped in when the society failed people. He fed people, he healed people, he became a lawyer/advocate for people, he taught tradition, he made visits, he spoke up, he chased away those doing illicit businesses in the temple, he was human, he showed humanity. He was practical. He is an example of what Christians should do.

So, should we not emulate Jesus Christ?
If 5 planes that carry 20 people go to South Africa to bring those Nigerians whose lives are obviously at risk home, 100 people are saved. Before you say the jets are for evangelism, this is one of the great ways of evangelism. By the way, I know you know that these private jets are leased or hired to those who need and use then. They “make money” from leasing and hiring out their private jets to people who are atheists, Moslems, agnostics etc.

If they can’t use their private jets, they can pool resources together and hire big aircrafts that can take 200 at a time.

Are you trying to tell me that if these top General Overseers  call for donations into dedicated account for donations to bring and save lives, people won’t respond? Don’t the GOs and Bishops and General Overseers, Senior Pastors call for donations for specific projects?

You are telling me that Christian and non Christians in Nigeria and beyond will not send in little money that can bring back Nigerians whose lives are in danger?

The man Chief Onyema of Air Peace, who has provided planes to fly people home could have demanded that government do their job, but he didn’t. We are told he is committing 300million naira into bringing Nigerians home from South Africa.

That is a pure footprint of love worthy of emulation.

Practical Christianity, nay religion with human face is what brings hope and joy to humanity.Wouldn’t it be good to bring back Jesus Christ into the church?

© Chima Okereke

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