World Most Expensive Phone Is Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB ($8 Million)


The Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB, was come with the most expensive price. This is the world’s most Expensive phone of 2018, Because of the phone fully decorated with precious diamonds, The Diamond Rose iPhone 32 GB made by Apple Company.

If you’re confusing to think about this phone what is the benefits of using this phone and why it’s too expensive, listen this is a simple Apple iPhone, it doesn’t have any extra advanced features It’s works same like iPhone 4s.

But the main reason behind to be Most Expensive phone in the world, the phone designer attached 500 pink color diamonds That’s why this is the Most expensive phone in the world.

Diamond rose Back cover has an Apple icon, design with “53” precious Diamonds and front navigation button design also with Diamonds.

The diamond rose design by Stuart Hughes, He designs this phone with his own hands, he decorated this phone with 500 pink color Diamonds.

Let’s know About this phone features and specifications, The diamond rose came with the 3.5 inches touchscreen display with 640 by 960 pixels screen resolution The Diamond rose 32 GB screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass, Oleophobic.




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