WordPress: Experts and Users Meet In An Interactive Session



WordPress users, developers and Experts meet in an interactive session at the Best Western Hotel Ikeja to brainstorm on various WordPress issues. Doing so in a relaxed and   casual set up, to discuss WordPress related issues like SEO, Child Theme  and digital marketing .

According to one of the event organizer, Mary Jop, she said that “the WordPress meet up is designed for WordPress users as a platform to engage their various clients and readers. The meet up is a free thing and organized by volunteers with support from WordPress”, she added.


KayBee one of the facilitators of the event added that “ as a developer and tech consultant, I have come to realize that with WordPress as a platform, you can do a lot of stuff on it and it doesn’t limit one’s creativity unlike other platform . Having over 27% of the global community using the platform, I am excited to be part of this project. We are here to encourage and support people to use the WordPress and attend to issues when they arise on the spot” he added.
The meet up was in sections, first section was designed for Beginners while the second section was designed for SEO experts, tagged “Introduction to Digital Marketing “ Mr.Ayinla handled the Child Theme lecture

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance typography of everyday writing. One of the most widely used blogging system globally; WordPress has evolved to be a full content management system with tons of plugins for developers. Born out of desire for elegant and publishing system,
“About 27.5% of the world internet runs on the platform, about 2.5 billion posts have been written with WordPress globally and over 3 billion comments “according to reports by Craig Smith.

Members of the community of www.wordpress.org meet up in Lagos

The meet up is a monthly gathering of WordPress users, writers and expert, held at Best Western Hotel ,Ikeja and powered by WordPress. The meet up would be in other regions of the country with Ibadan zone for western region of Nigeria inaugurated. The meet up is for the WordPress enthusiast, beginners and those that would love to use the WP platform.




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