A word for those married women who dress indecently in the streets.


A word for those married women who dress indecently in the streets.

A lot of married women dress indecently on the pretext that their husbands approve of it and that it keep them away from making advances towards other ladies who dress seductively. In fact, this is true as I have heard that some womanizing husband ask their wives to dress provocatively sexy so as to dissuade them from womanizing and they(wives) did.

Personally, I do not blame you for doing so as you are determined to save your marriage, but, the fact remains that your provocative dressing in the streets wouldn’t deter him from womanizing. Listen! When he makes that business trip out of town, your provocative dressing doesn’t go with him. In his work place, your provocative dressing doesn’t go with him. Asking you to appear indecent in the streets while he is at work or else where is beyond comprehension. Truth be told, every man loves a decent wife outside but a whore in the bedroom and between the sheets – ask any man out there. Why is that of your husband different?

Your husband’s insatiable appetite for women beside you is chiefly attitudinal. He isn’t man up enough to acknowledge that he can’t have all the women he ever sets his eyes on. He hasn’t told himself the home truth that he has to be contented with the wife he has. He hasn’t told himself the truth that he shouldn’t have anything amoral to do with young girls about his daughter’s age. He isn’t true to himself to acknowledge that you can’t remain the same shape you were after having those children for him. Come to think of it, those women he craves to have for sexual intercourse may not even be as good as you are in bed even in your present state. Here, experience speaks, you should know what am talking about.

You husband needs help that your immoral dressing cannot provide. He needs an assistance that would make him change from the inside and not outside. He needs to man up to accept that he is an adult and no more that randy dandy he was when he quite younger. He needs to know how to differentiate between the working of his hormones and the logical thinking from his brain. That is to say, it is okay to get attracted to seductively dressed lady, but it is superbly manly to listen to that still and calm voice speaking to you from within. He needs to know that no matter how aroused a man can be, his arousal is always subject to rational thoughts emanating from his brain.

Every man is a potential womanizer, but the difference between a practising womanizer and a none practising womanizer is the rationality in their thoughts process and the adherence to self-imposed discipline.

Tell your man to imbibe self-discipline.



Chidiebere Okere

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