Nigerians can be said to be good followers or do I say emulators! Nigerians copy what their leaders do and wear! A few years ago people wear wearing Niger Delta / Igbo kind of traditional wear , then it was Jonathan and his wife from the old Eastern region and everybody went South or east in this case ! The traditional outfit from the region became so popular that you can even wear it to work and your CEO won’t even bother….people concurred unconsciously.

Today , Buhari is there , a man from the Northern region of the country and we know that Agbada( yorubanised name ) or Danshiki ,( the original name ) is the cloth or fashion apparel of choice. Ebuka Obi Uchendu , some Igbo dude that is a television host redefined this kind of fashion by adding some element of evolution in it and also showing the real owners how to sew and wear this Northern traditional wear.

Though, some people claim that this type of clothe isn’t indigenous to Nigeria, it was brought from the Senegal Gambia region of Africa by muslim scholars and each African tribe try to adopt it and modify it to their own use, the flowing gown work by men can be seen in Hausa ,Yoruba, even a bit of modifications in the Igbo tribe .

Now, the women aren’t left out, the Agbada bug has caught them, women has shown that they too can slay in Agbada seamlessly. One of Nigeria’s top actress , Omotola can be seen wearing the red version of it, making her lady in red and sexier.

As everybody is been infected with this Agbada, I think it would be great to have at least one in your wardrobe!

Tony Emeka Nwosu




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