When you met her for the very first time, her curled hair was well made. Her nails were well manicured. The agreeable smell of her perfume held you ransomed as it lingered in the air. You can’t even get your eyes off her, because neither the dazzling sunshine nor the tantalizing moonlight is comparable to her beauty. You simply knew that you met a slay queen who is so stunning and ravishing in appearance.


After telling her all the lies in the world, she ignorantly decided to give you a chance which led to marriage. The love scene begins. Hide and seek games commences. ‘Tinini tanana’ is unavoidable. Both of you keep singing it on top of your voices as you share passionate kissing sessions. But inside you, you aren’t at rest. Your heart keeps throbbing as your legs keep wobbling. You alone know the bitter truth. You cannot maintain your sophisticated chic period. You never considered your economical or social class before taking her to the altar. You refused to marry according to your pocket. The queen was slaying and it captured your fragile heart. Now, ‘water don pass garri’. Oga can’t run away. He must stay and finish what he started.


Funny enough, challenges sets in when some of these brothers, still demand for total submission from their wives. They can even force their wives to obey them. And I ask: How do you expect her to be submissive, when you fail to marry from your social class? Do you feel pleased telling all the lies in the world before she could accept your marriage proposal? Do you know that a frustrated mind is an alien to submissiveness? It is imperative to let her understand your economical, social and educational attainment before asking for her hand in marriage. Allow her to seriously reflect on the consequences before acceptance. Do not make promises you can’t fulfill. Or even claim to be what you are not. Be who you are. Sit up and be real. It pays a whole lot not to lead a photo copied life style. Brother, this simple truth will save you from high blood pressure.


I don’t care if you are offended. But, that’s the bitter truth. The phrase ‘love is blind’ has confused many and made them wallow in the wreathing state of depression. By no means are all men created equal. All men are simply not born equal. In life, every man has a unique set of strengths, which can aid in achieving the success he desire. We are not all created equal in our ability to achieve success.


Truth is; every woman still needs a capable partner who will always support her to keep real. Brother, do not cunningly exploit her sexually; only for you to put yourself into pressure. Cut your coat according to your cloth. Look for ladies who really love and want you the way you are. Do not fall hopelessly in love, because one day the cyclone will surely blow and the hen’s anus will be exposed. She will surely ‘show you pepper’.

Don’t be a victim of women ‘wahala’. Be real and be safe.


Ogada Chinedu

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