WiSolar Introduces WiNergy AC Couple Retro-Storage Inverter



WiSolar Clean Energy has advanced in its strides in creating clean energy solutions for various household and commercial purposes, with the introduction of the WiNergy AC Couple Retro-Storage Inverter with 3000 and 5000-watt models. The Country Manager, WiSolar Nigeria, Mr. Obafemi Aridegbe, while addressing the press on the 8th day of May, 2018, at a Dinner organised as part of the activities to introduce the company’s products into the Nigerian market, emphasized the fact that WiSolar is positioned to be the number one go-to firm when it comes to Energy Storage and Solar Energy provisioning in Nigeria and West Africa.

This Inverter-cum-UPS comes with several advantages, which includes its modifiability to fit a Single or Three Phase. The automatic and zero hybrid switches also makes it possible for the immediate switch over when there is a power cut. The data read on the Inverter is in clear LCD display.

The battery compatibility types for the inverter range from Lithium/Lead to Carbon/Vanadium Redox Flow batteries, allowing for users to be able to select their trusted brands for use with the equipment, as long as they meet and conform to the necessary standards required. WiSolar is also offering a 5-year warranty on this product – a sign of the durability of the Inverter. The rated output voltage for the Inverter ranges between 220 V to 240 V. All this power and features come wrapped in a 33 Kg unit for the 3000-watt model and 35 Kg unit for the 5000-watt model and a 400mm X 525mm X 220mm design.

The Smart mechanisms that accompany the inverter allow for protection from battery overcharge and discharge, protection from overload and overvoltage scenarios, and a failsafe against high temperature. Some other world-beating designs include the use of WIFI and apps to monitor the state and the condition of the Inverter.

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