Most educated Nigerians know the true causes of religious radicalism in the northern Nigeria. We all know why Boko Haram will be succeeded by another form of anti-civilization radical movement, killing and maiming non moslems, moderate muslims and themselves.

I feel so sad when I hear any news that our armed forces have decimated the den of Boko Haram. I feel sad because the insurgents being wiped out or decimated are unfortunate Nigerians.

They are guilty of their environment.

They are innocent victims of indoctrination and unconstitutional teachings on who should not rule them. They are made to believe that it is wrong for a non-moslem, also known as an infidel, to rule them. They are also denied any other form of exposure but are religiously marooned in their poor neighborhoods that provide no opportunities for ambitions other than to go to Heaven to have sweet sex with seven virgins if they kill an infidel.

It happened that before now, when most of the indigenes of the southern states of Nigeria and their governments were working so hard to educate their youths, their northern counterparts were busy teaching their youths the primacy of religion and how to live like ancient practitioners of Islam.

While the children of the northern political and religious leaders were and still are made to preferentially acquire the best of education in Nigeria and abroad, majority of the local population were and are being groomed to believe in the ancient religious practices. For them, it is an abomination to be ruled by an infidel or to tolerate certain un-Islamic practices and those that practice them.

The adoption of Pure Shariah Laws by some northern states between 2002 and 2007 speaks to this reverse civilization of the people by their leaders. We have witnessed it, time after time, decades after decades, that a killer or jihadist group with mission to create a holy and unadulterated Islamic caliphate would emerge and would be fought or decimated by Nigerian government.

No other Nigerian leader can deal with this menacing malady than a moslem president from the north.

President Jonathan’s deadly military approach was heavily criticized just like Gen Ihejirika’s ruthless military campaign against the insurgents was termed a genocide. Almajiri Education program by President Jonathan that would have helped debrief and emancipate the feeder armies of religious insurgents was sabotaged. And we are left where we started.

But President Buhari can bring the desired change if he decides to. He is a pure moslem who could be believed by the pure adherents.

We all know the solution. We have always known them.

The chief solution is massive and intensive education of every child in Nigeria and young adult in the north. This education must be compulsory and free. The curricula must reflect the ethos of the Nigeria all of us must converge to agree to.

Every Nigerian must be made to believe that any Nigerian of any tribe, religion or persuasion can be president. Every child must be taught that no one is permitted to kill anyone in accordance with any religious injunction but by Nigerian Laws. The religious leaders must be made to pronounce this no-kill-fellow-Nigerian publicly in their places of worship. It should be incorporated into the National Pledge.

Of a life sustaining urgency is that the country must be restructured. We can even create as many self-governing and self sustaining enclaves that would allow homogeneous peoples who think that prosperity comes through clannishness or pure religion to try their idea and fail. When they do fail, they will, without compulsion, formulate policies that would attract people from other persuasions to come invest in their jurisdictions. That is what has happened in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Only few Nigerians know that the emergence of Buhari as Nigerian president in 2015 really discouraged the activities of many members of the Boko Haram sects and some of their supporters who decided to surrender without prompting. For them, a muslim is in power not an infidel. They ordinarily wouldn’t have surrendered if President Jonathan had won.

A simple message that “our brother is in power” was very magical and worked more effectively than the bravery of our soldiers. Many terrorists abandoned the struggle as there was no long any basis to fight a brother in power.

Those still fighting as Boko Haram are criminal elements who feed from the fight as they would lose influence and affluence if they disband. Few standing ones feel that since the present government is not permanent, that there is a need to maintain a standing holy army that would be useful at a future date.

Overtime, what drives Boko Haram of today is not only poverty or killing of their leaders, Boko Haram is an ideological or theocratic war. It is a political tool by which the jihadists want to create a political space to enthrone an ancient theocratic form of government.

Nigerians should see beyond now and imagine what will happen when in 2023 Buhari hands over to a southerner. At that time someone considered an infidel or “not original” moslem becomes the president. The hell will be let loose.

It would be bad!

That’s why everyone especially the southern states should insist on Restructuring before 2023 elections. This would localize the terror and make the parents of untrained children reap the rewards of their dereliction of duty.

Any president of southern origin that assumes office after President Buhari shall have a more reinforced Boko Haram to fight or to contain. At that time, criminal politicians would joined hands with insurgents to exact political pressure or to make money.

Besides the fear of loss of revenues sharing advantage, the core northern politicians might be opposing Restructuring because such would expose them to the very youths they have nurtured and have allowed to develop into merciless killing machines. Restructuring is an idea which time has come. It could be delayed but must happen. At that time, the parents who refused to wean their children of murderous tendencies will be forced to enjoy the fruits of their carelessness or wickedness.

By Anayo M. Nwosu

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