No one is saying it’s uhuru yet but it surely is work in progress. Nigerian today is one huge re-construction site both physical and ideological. The most difficult part of the work is to change the mindset. A mindset that has taken decades to take root where a few corner our common wealth while throwing out crumbs and white washing the economy making us believe every thing is okay.

When we complain, those few elites throw in ethnic sentiments and we start squabbling while they continue to screw us. Yet amongst them, they have no tribal differences. They are Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Izon, Fulfulde, Kanuri, Gbagyl, Yoruba, Efik, Igala, Bachama, Bini, Igbira, Tiv, Idoma, Egba etc. They are Christians, Muslims, Traditional worshippers, Atheists and everything in between. But they have only one tribe and religion – their selfish interests.

That’s what Buhari is fighting. That’s why they hate him with passion but that’s also why I love him with even greater passion inspite of his short comings. He is an outsider. He’s not one of the bourgeoisies. To them he is a non-conformist. But most importantly to us, he is one of us – the Talakawas.

When he came by the grace of God, against their plans and permutations in 2015, they threw every thing at him. Niger Delta Avengers, IPOB and later Herdsmen etc.

These tribe of men and women never paid Taxes even though they allocated all Oil blocks to themselves and their cronies and cornered all the juicy Contracts. There was never due process for anything – Contracts, Employment even Crude Oil lifting. It was dog eat dog. That’s what they want to bring back.

They are now calling for Coups and sponsoring Militias all over just to make us reject him for them to continue their business as usual. God forbid.

The noise you hear is mainly from their camp but God will never allow us to go back to that their Egypt.

It pains me that many young people don’t get it. So at every little opportunity, these wicked people start their noise and many of us join in without asking what are the shouting for? Whose interest? When they hear the names of theives who stole their past, present and future, they jump in the band wagon defending the very same people who caused their woes.

At 46 years of age, I’m a professional. I can get VISA to any country in the world and with my credentials and experience I can get a job in any country without stress. I’m not expecting an appointment from Buhari. I’m Igbo and a Christian so I have no sentimental reason to support Buhari. I just know that he holds the key for us to make real progress – for the future of my children and Grand children.

I didn’t expect a miracle. I voted for change and I know that change is not a commodity you can buy off the shelf at Shoprite. It’s a process that takes time and we are well and truly on course.

By 2023, by God’s grace, he would have repaid some of our foundation as a nation and many of these greedy thieves would have been retired or in jail where they truly belong and then a younger person like even me can take over on a better footing.

I will continue to selflessly support and defend him and my nation with all my being to the glory of God.

Happy Easter in advance.

(c) Dr Uche Diala

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