Sir, how effectively would you combine your ministerial work, singing, now writing of the book?
The bible says With God all things are possible. Once you are with God and what you are doing for God is from Him you cannot find it difficult doing it. The bible says my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches, but the people God supplies their needs are the people who are ready to use it, people who are going to give back what they benefited from their generation/ This book is the continuation of the bible, it’s an epistle, telling all about what God is about to do in this end time.


Why do some Gospel Artists leave their church to sing secular songs?
There is different between your Gift and your God. If you want your gift to speak for you then you must surrender to the owner of that gift. Most reasons why you see some people doing that is once they begin to put wealth ahead of what they are doing, putting money ahead of your God, that is why the bible says that thou shall not serve God and mammon. Putting God aside and pick the man, in quest for money, fame and they lack direction. The devil told Jesus, you are a very good singer, but come through me and i will give you all of this, but Jesus says i am contented with what I have. There are so many people who are like even Jesus and they don’t know and will still go to the world to collect the peace of this world and abandon the peace that Jesus gave, Jesus said ‘my peace i will give to you not as the world gives’, that means the world has peace which will give you temporary relief but the peace of God can never give you temporary relief, it will give you everlasting joy, success, and peace of mind.


How long have you been singing professionally?


My singing career begins from 2011 but the gift of singing has been inside of me, in fact it started from dancing,  I dance a lot, it was from dancing I possessed the singing, I discovered God originally wants me to sing not dance, I started having an encounter with the angel that sings, teaching me how to worship God with the songs from God that is going to be given to me, that is why you cannot hear me sing another person’s songs, I sing fresh songs originated by the Holy Spirit. 

How did you venture into book writing?

It is the idea of the Holy Spirit and not mine. I am only a son of my father, trying to establish or accomplish what my father has ordained before the foundation of the earth. Writing of book is a calling too, and showcasing the mind of God.


How was your experience like when you first write?

Once you are with the Holy Spirit, there is nothing like first experience and there is nothing like struggling. My first book ” Satan Must Leave The Earth” is a series of revelation given to me about the secret of the coming of Jesus Christ and the power in the blood of Jesus and this revelation is the testimony of what took place in Heaven when Michael and his angels fought in heaven against the dragons and the dragon and his angels fought back.


Who are your target audience when you write?

My target audience is the men of God and their members.


Can you give us a little insight about the “Satan must leave the Earth”?

It’s a true revelational message given to me specifically by God that the ultimate mission of every Pastor, Priest, Prophet, all the Clergymen on earth is to chase away the dragon, that old serpent which is the devil and Satan and cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations no more. Then for this monumental mission to be accomplished, all the clergymen and true servants of God must unite, come together in one accord like God and all angels and the twenty four elders did in heaven and achieve their common goal of casting Satan out of their midst.


However, once there is an agreement between us, once there is unity between us, once there is understanding between us, then we can accomplish anything.


What is your take on book piracy? Has the copyright commission done enough to curb this menace?

Book piracy and whatever piracy is wrong. It is wrong for somebody to put in so much to bring out something and somebody else is busy benefitting by infringing from it. It’s a crime and should be handled.


Let’s talk politics sir.. Prior to the just concluded general election 2019, you said in your prophecies that Mr President would be re-elected that the election would be free and fair. How did you arrive at the prophecy?


The bible says that God is not a ma that He should lie neither the son of man that He should repent, when He says a thing He bring it to pass/ God has spoken and the bible says those that have ear let them hear what the spirit has said. God reveals to me that Atiku has the winning Grace but without Mercy while Buhari has the winning Grace with Mercy and the flag that God is not ready to take the mantle from APC except if Atiku accept to do what God ask him to do. Most men of God wants to raise back what God has decided to kill, no man or Prophet can raise what God has not brought to life. The bible says God kills and God maketh alive. It was God that rejected Saul even while Saul was still on the throne, Samuel begged God on his behalf but lastly God said why are you begging me for a man I have rejected. Atiku has not yet fought the right battle. I said it that after ht eelection, power will change hands and at the end of the day, Atiku will say I was cheated on therefore I disagree, Atiku should stay out of trouble.


Sir, Now that the President has been re-elected despite the stiff opposition against him, do you see a better Nigeria?


Yes , there will be a better Nigeria because God re-elected Buhari back, there will be a better breakthrough, better favour and so many investors coming and they will be a blessing to this country. It is only God that has the power to rule this nation not man, Buhari is not the problem of Nigeria, change Buhari, more corrupt leaders will emerge. We are the one using our mouth to curse this nation. There is no suffering in Nigeria; our suffering comes from our mouth. The ability to bless Buhari our leader will make us a blessed country. It is God that place him there as the President of this great country


What is your advice to Nigerian as we start a new regime?

My advice to Nigerians is for them to accept that good things can come out of Nazareth. God can use Buhari to do. Not Buhari can use Nigeria to do a better thing in Nigeria. The whole Nigeria should start believing in God using Buhari to change Nigeria not believing in Buhari, they should believe that God can use Buhari to turn around the situation of this Country.

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