When I was in primary school every July third term school ending, I use to get placed in a small table in our old primary school open field as the best student in whatever class I was as we get promoted to new classes.

As small as I was then, I enjoyed the little fame that came with being the best in school, principals and teachers get to come to my house, I get a standing ovation everywhere I go in our little village gathering, in the church, and around my family.

People have often thought then that I was born brilliant, have heard those comments, abeg leave her because she was just born brilliant now she will be doing like we that are here are not human beings, I still get comments like this today.

But the truth is I wasn’t born brilliant and I do not think anyone was like born with calculus in their brain or with physics etc.

As little as I was then, had learned the secret of success, so while people sleep, I’ll be with my books reading everything about what I was thought and everything I could see in my elder siblings text and exercise book.

If I have stolen anything in school, it was a textbook, cos I knew that the more of it that I read, the more I’ll know and be ahead of my teacher, so I read two chapters above what the teacher is currently teaching us, so the teachers too believed then that I was born brilliant cos before they opened the chapter, I already know everything there.

This week, a young lady close to me asked that I dash her some money to do something, even though I had more than that amount in my expense account for the month and would have loved to give her to do whatever, I refused because I do not understand how you graduated, and will not chase your dreams with everything in you, and when I found you a job, you said you cannot do it (maybe not big enough in your eyes) then few months later returned to asked me for money while you’re on social media snapping pictures, posing and having the fun of your life.

See, it’s such an important thing to realize that every single person me inclusive and every successful person you can think of would find it easy to be lazy but we choose not to be.

I would love to sit in my husband house, make fresh meals, do makeup and watch Africa Magic Showcase, but I realize that I need to do something to keep earning the good figure that hit my account every month, it is not necessarily the easier path but hey… I choose to live this way, I do not want to have to envy how other people spent their money, I want to be able to buy things I need, the ones I do not need and the ones I need to flaunt to people like you who wants the easy way out.

So why am I telling these stories now, I want you to know that there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure.

I watched Bisola last weekend getting the trailblazer awards at the just concluded AMVCA and I feel that she is so deserving of that award, girl has really hustled, I remember watching her in the first ever Project Fame, she wasn’t good and yes she didn’t win but she continued to jump from one place to the other and today, we all know how she is doing.

It is without a doubt that all of us aspire to become successful, whether in love, work, money or achievements. However, all success stories always have a beginning worth telling .

People are always looking for the magic bullet, the easy way, or the shortcut. And for some reason, they think you cheated to get to success.

Isn’t that what they are asking if they ask you what’s your secret? They’re asking you how you cheated the system and became successful the ‘easy way.’

But there is no easy way. Even the people who got a ‘lucky break’ were simply prepared when the opportunity came by. Nothing less. And the more prepared you are, and the harder you work, the luckier you’ll be.

Engr. Roberta Edu

#careermom #careerwoman #lagosflood


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