Who would save Africa from the 2nd Scramble?



Just as the Arabs pushed our black ancestors out of North Africa and the Europeans partitioning what was left of Africa, to day the Chinese are here.
African rulers are the cheapest bunch of reprobates in the world today,a bunch of incompetent clowns who connive with foreigners against their own people. China gave African leaders a Greek gift,a building in Addis Abba,as secretariat for AU in exchange for the license to annex African resources ,the black Caribbean nations are also not spared.

Through the FOCAC forum,China provides African countries with soft,technical and long term loans, building important infrastructures. Although these infrastructures create jobs, development and provide opportunities for skills development, Chinese loans amounting to over $86billion dollars is noting but a diplomatic debt trap for African countries, B’cos in the long run these debts would prove unsustainable to vulnerable African countries. The chinese master plan is to subjugate the socio-economic sectors of most African countries to chinese influence.

Today, China has military bases in Africa,from the port of Djibouti,at the entrance of the Red Sea and Suez canal to ports in Kenya and mombasa(East Africa), Namibia in Southern Africa and Sao Tome in west Africa, Militarily China has surrounded Africa and we don’t need to be told of the implications of this to African independence. No African country can today boost of a balance of trade with China.

China with her great wealth and technology has taken over the medium and small scale industries in most countries in a vicious way,killing the middle class and indigenous technological development. The textile industry,a sector that employs hundreds of thousands has been lost to cheap imported chinese prints. Africa is now a market and dumping ground for rejected and inferior goods china can’t sell to other parts of the world.
China today is smuggling her nationals through business deals,where by they flood African countries with their citizens to act of expatriates. China and India today leads in land acquisition and grabbing in Africa,where they cultivate Sorghum, bio -fuels,oil palm and other cash and food crops to meet their ever raising demand back home.

The red dragon(China) is in the lead but she is not alone in the scramble, Japan last year promised African countries over $30billion in investments, prime ministers Modi(India), May(Uk) and Merkel(Germany) were hosted by different African countries this year alone. The truth is that it’s all about business and interest,they all see Africa a blessed continent with so much mineral resources and a population of over a billion people as a cow to be milked and exploited. We must wake up to the reality of things.


Ejike Ogbonna

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