Today, media is changing our perception of godly or glorious woman. The lines are blurring by the day and narratives changing on a daily basis . With tons of images brought to us via every type of media from social to the electronic, the concept of biblical glorious woman is fading and lines blurring. Glorious women are rare to come by these days. In a world that feminism is taking centre stage and women losing focus on the biblical injunction, seeing a glorious woman is becoming a rarity.

It is not for the woman to define who is a glorious woman, but the attributes of that same woman would showcase the term “glorious woman” in her. In the book of Proverbs 31 vs 10 demonstrates what is in a glorious woman. The glorious woman is loaded and comes with amazing attributes.

One lady that has demonstrated glorious attitude is Esther in the Bible… She didn’t go on sexist appeal to deliver her people. Women must understand when to use their God given glory to achieve things. It is not about nagging or trying to use fiasco and blackmail to get things done. That doesn’t make you a glorious woman.

A glorious woman is refined in taste and things. Do you know that many women day things before they realise it….that doesn’t make the  woman refined. A refined woman shouldn’t use words like “useless man” , “idiot” and other bad words on their husbands. It takes patience and love.

She must respect her husband no matter her popularity. In today’s world when most women reach a career peak, they tend to grow wings and no more respect to her husband. A glorious woman must eschew pride and pomposity, always respecting the husband as the man of the house. No matter how talented and how beautiful you are, if your character is terrible , people would avoid you. So a glorious woman must always show respect not only to her husband, but to others even when she is popular.

Industrious, she must be that . A glorious woman doesn’t sit at home watching TV, even if she isn’t working, she must show commitment in the family and the business of the husband. This is one attributes that distinguishes her from the other lot.

She must be dependable. A glorious woman must be a person that the husband can depend on. The question is; can your husband say where you are at any particular point in time? If your husband can’t vouch for you, forget it, you are on a path of perdition as a person ( woman).

In Psalm 37, the Bible is very clear on this. The glorious woman is a woman that depends on God and she is totally hopefully of what God can do. She doesn’t look at the husband with hopelessness and condescension, he believes that God can turn things around.

Don’t talk Ill of your husband in the presence of your people or friends, when a woman runs her home or her husband down, the tendency of other people respecting him is far fetched. A glorious woman must have this in mind. Do you know that you can be married and single, it is better to sit down and do the needful which is putting your house in order and not seeking for divorce at the smallest thing…that is madness !

A glorious woman must be positive minded and believe that even if something has gone astray or wrong , there should be a level of positivity in the situation. A glorious woman sees this positivity not divorce or negativity.

A glorious woman must know when to ignore the externals causing trouble in the family. You don’t go around fighting everyone, especially women that are around your husband. You must know that as a woman, you are the one that God has chosen to be his wife and you must maintain it. Not tearing shirts, a decent woman doesn’t go around tearing shirts of his husband in fits of anger, but she works away from source of anger.

So who is a glorious woman? I think she is a trustworthy person that people can vouch for apart from your husband. She must also demonstrate obedience to all and sundry not stupidity.

Prudent, she is prudent in all her dealings. A glorious woman is prudent not wasteful by buying frivolous things such as clothes, makeups and all what- not! A glorious woman knows how to spend and when to spend ! She knows how to differentiate between needs and wants.

Virtue and excellence is her key. She isn’t tardy and she doesn’t procrastinate things. She goes ahead and deliver and wouldn’t be postponing things ! That is a glorious woman.

She knows her responsibilities and she doesn’t go transferring her duties to someone else… Just like having money to do your hair, you know that you have the money to take care of yourself , why wait till your husband funds it. It is madness and arrant none-sense ! So a glorious woman makes sure that her duties are on point and is done.

Humility and God fearing are also things to look out in the glorious woman. The fear of God is so inherent in her that she can’t consider it think of doing some certain things to her.

As an ideal wife, I remembered my late mum, she has passed away, but she was an ideal wife and it is a thing of joy that my wife, Winnie is walking in that direction. You can have a big house, it is not and can never be a home but a house. It is the glorious woman that would make that house a home. So as a woman , think about this, are you a glorious woman?

Message of Faith Cathedral International Ministry

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