One of the critical tenets of Christianity that makes it a beautiful religion is love! It can also be described as the ability to look out for one another. In the local parlance they call it “watching a back”, this is just the being the “Brother’s keeper.”

In the book of Genesis chapter 4 vs 8 – 9 showcased the situation of brotherhood via the Cain and Abel story. Cain slew the brother ana when he was of the opinion that he has gotten away for such a heinous crime and when God approached him and and asked him where is his brother he answered “am I my brothers keeper”, this was what angered God .

In today’s world , we are presented with family members , acquaintances and friends that might present themselves as our well wishers but you can’t ascertain how they either love or detest you.

Though Jesus said “Be your brothers keeper” this injunction mandates us to always love our brothers . So why hate anybody, why use your mouth to take somebody down? Why the envy, why the animosity and why the anger against one another in the world?

When God wants to bless a man, there are always signs, but unfortunately most Christians aren’t ready for this blessing due to a lot things which includes our attitude to people. This attitude such as envy and backbiting hinders the blessing of God.

Many of us are having issues in life just because of things like backbiting and hating others. The average Christian must change this attitude for God to be of blessing to us. What have we got to gain to talk down on people be it in the church, work place or even neighborhood.

What did your brother do to you that you are so angry with him? Why keep that anger for a long time that you fallout of grace with God? We must know that humans are not perfect and must offend you …but the ability to understand the human nature and move on…that is a demonstration of spiritual maturity.

Some Christian even leave churches because they are been told the truth and then go ahead talking nonsense about the church or the pastor. That is running away from the truth and playing ostrich. Have we ever sat down and analysed what the person told us , how true it is.

Why talk down and look down on people? A true Christian would not do that. We don’t need fasting and prayers for certain things, we just need to keep our ways straight and hands clean. These are basics of life !

All we know is how to talk about people ,about churches and accusing one another….why don’t we remove the spec in our eyes? Why do we look at lacunas in the lives of people and magnify these inadequacies in their lives instead of correcting them in a Christian way.

The mouth that God gave to us is to praise him and adore him and not to condemn our brothers and sisters. We must have a clear idea of this… God demands simple things like love, praises and worship and the last two weeks with our mouth, so why use it to castigate people?

It is wrong, unacceptable and sickening to destroy our brother with our mouths or attitude! A good Christian shouldn’t do that and ought not to.

Sometime we judge people based on their past. In churches today most Christian condemn that person because of the past experiences forgetting that one can change and decide to turn a new leaf. Why not give people a benefit of doubt to change ?

Until we change,God would not bless us …do you want the blessings of God? Then we must do what is right in the sight of God ! That is what God demands of us. Never on Earth wrote someone off because God hasn’t written us off …so why do that to others? Do not look at somebody and say it’s over.

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Faith Cathedral International Ministry

Titbits/Nuggets for the week

Most Christians feel that at a point in their spiritual life, they feel that they have gathered all that it’s worth about God, but that is far from it! Knowing God is something that we keep doing because “His ways are not our ways.”

Knowing God is a continuous process , there is no need claiming that you know God wholly, God is not what we just take a study and know…all we have to do is listen to instructions which God passes down to us via his people.

What we must understand that when God send you on a journey he would provide for you. As a missionary it man of God, if you are truly called, you should be rest assured that God would take care of you. His (God) names would always be glorified.

We must know that in the work of God, there are delegation and we must know that God isn’t an author of confusion, this means that everyone has duties …the anointed has a specified duty and the congregation have theirs .

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