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When and how to use social media increase Business sales and market lead

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Want to improve your online sales with the accurate plan ? , or are you confused and tired about your business not making sales since you have started ? ,

Those that came after you are making great sales and market leads and it seem like you are a failure who doesn’t know how to handle business ? , you really want to change the situation for good ?

Well whatever your worry and concern are , I will suggest you check out this five tips as they will go a long way to boost your sales therefore changing your story for good whereby you won’t have to worry again .

We all know that social media is a valuable tool for business , which is used especially in this generation to increase sales and boost awareness when properly used , now let’s dive into how to use it positively to your advantage .


There is common saying that a child will always know the woman who cared for him when he was a baby , be it his mother or not , even if he will later grow up to become ungrateful at least the point is that he will know the woman who took time to care and nurture him .

The first step is building a strong relationship and bond with your prospect online , understanding them and they in turn understand you , now how do we go about this ? .

Simply knowing where your prospect are , it is not possible to create content before knowing who you are creating it for , going to them directly to where they spend most of their free time ,creating a relationship whereby you get to know and work on their needs by using the platform where they can be found always .

You cannot expect to want to want to get a life fish in the market , even the catfish that we see in the market are barely alive and breathing , after they must have gone through the agony of salt sprinkled on their body and that is why we see them struggling and writhing in pain .

I am sure you don’t want prospects like that , to get a good and healthy fish you have to go straight to where there is water , this is where you will see fresh fish , swimming and breathing freely , easily and happily .

David ogivly a great speaker attested to it , he said “ don’t just create content to get credit for being clever , instead create content that will be helpful , insightful , intresting and useful for your target audience” , going to the wrong place without knowing who your prospect are will only waste your time , money , resources and values . “ focus on identifying your target audience , common authentic message that they want and need and project yourself as an expert , within your niche” – kim Hearst , doing this will go a long way in getting the right people to you .

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Getting to know your target audience before creating content is very necessary , it will aid in helping your organization or business develop a good communication strategies , helping you to set aside individuals who share the same needs and characteristics that your business hopes to serve , these people are ready to pay for your services because they are in need of it .

“ If your audience is young , it will be youth culture , it your audience is older , it will be older people culture , if your audience is senior citizen , it will be senior citizen issues . So you try to hit the target audience” – Kurt loder. 

This very first tip can not be set aside , it is the foundation upon which you lay your business future .


After getting the right people who are very willing to pay for your values and product , the next thing to do is advertise your product to them , you can’t just keep them there without disclosing why they have been invited in the first place , if you do so they will all disperse like the air that we breath and you will be amazed .

“ Good marketing makes the company look smart , great marketing makes the customer feel smart” – Joe chevron , doing the advertisement properly will only entice your prospect the more , doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark, she won’t see you at all , if you like wink till the heaven gate opens , no one will know what you are doing let alone of patronizing you .

When advertising ,learn to be very creative  , leverage and advertise your product to increase more eye in your business , do something that will push your prospect to respond positively even without knowing , if you put it directly to them ,  they will buy since they are the right people for that niche and they are in need of it, you need ADs company to do this for you , online marketers .

There are many social media Created just for that purpose , such as websites and blogs , you can even go as far as advertising on the television , running sponsored ADs , there are many social medias such as Facebook , which is the biggest site around with more than two billion people using it every month !

That is almost a third of the world’s population  with lots of business using Facebook pages and advertisers also , YouTube is not also left out , you can easily share your videos there for people to share and comment , same goes for WhatsApp , messenger , we chat , instagram , tumblr , QQ , Q Zone and many more .

It is very important to advertise your business to your prospect because you will be able to provide a detailed explanation or demonstration of your product , do you think your customers will buy what they aren’t sure of?, of course no ! . sure ,  they  are the qualified prospect but nobody want to buy the wrong product or service even when in dire need of it , and this is why you need to use effective advertising scheme to bring them to obtain your sales and also gain their satisfaction .


It goes without any arguement  that it is perfectly normal to fail in business , this should not in any way distract you , instead use that failure and that of others in your niche as a stepping stone to get better ideas , there is a common saying that goes thus ,

“I have not failed , I have just found 10, 000 ways that won’t work”- Thomas A . Edison , this mindset is what you need as a business owner , “ success is not final , failure is not fatal : it is the courage to continue that counts”   -Winstons . Churchill , do you have this courage ? You can Ask yourself .

  just maybe you are not sure , ask yourself again , if the answer is still NO then you need to work on yourself , THOMAS EDISON didn’t quit after he failed severally when trying to invent a bulb , thank God for his doggedness , we can use the electric bulb today , let’s not forget that he tried about 3,000 designs between 1898 to 1880 .

Using social media to analyze and determine what is working up to this present time  and what is no longer working and using these past experiences as a tool for the present will help a lot to stop your business from making a lot of mistakes .

It is very crucial to use your past experience and that of others in your niche because to learn the future you need to look at the past , they say history repeat itself , especially if you don’t learn from it , this is very true in business , there are lessons from history that will help guide the way and Shine  light in the dark paths .

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“In history a great volume is unrolled for our instruction, drawing the materials of future wisdom from the past errors and infirmities of mankind” – Edmund Burke . Another great man in the person of Marcus Garvey also agreed that

“ A person without the knowledge of Their past history , origin and culture is like a tree without roots , am sure you know what that means ? , it’s either the tree dry off , fall off or just wither off , at the end of the day the tree would seize not to exist anymore ,it will just go off  , am sure you don’t want your business to end in that heart crushing manner .


Our generation is now technology and social driven , people will always want to get information’s and trending news online using the social medias , some even go as far as using social media to know what to buy and what not to buy, social media is basically ruling everyone’s thought and mind , why don’t you use it for your own benefit also ? .

All you need to do is pay influencers to help promote your business or product , influencers are people with large and engaging followings , they have established credibility in a specific industry , have seen so many influencers who have based their jobs on advertising and promoting .

We have different types of influencer’s in different niche such as comedians , chefs , actors and actress , musicians , sport personalities and so many more , you can also try to influence people on your own by trying to be your own influencer .

This plot is not easy but if you want to go down that lane then you have to take your time to learn a lot from these popular influencers , check out these people and try to follow their lead , gaining tips and more information on how to influence people to buy your products some of these popular influencers are Christians Ronaldo , kyler Jenner , zachking , Chef  mima , daily dose digital marketing , huda katten , Cameron Dallas and so many more that I can’t mention all .

Social influence can not be side stepped because it has shown significant positivity in cultural markets , acting as a light that help guide people , also many people conform to the norms of a group to gain acceptance.

This also enables a sense of cohesion whereby it makes people feel accepted within the society , they believe that if they do what these influencers are recommending to them then they are doing the right thing . People respect influencers a lot so therefore this will help you gain attention for your business , have seen cases where by people just go wild when they see a particular product on an influencer or service used by an influencer and they want to do the same .


Focusing only on selling alone will cause a great downfall in business , it is understandable that the main aim of going to the social media is to get more sales and awareness but making it so obvious will only turn your prospect and customers off , social media is social!

People tend to go there to connect with friends and family , imagine someone visit your business page for the first time and all he or she is seeing is buying ! Selling ! Buying ! Buying ! , no excitement, no fun, nothing to draw their attention closer , noting to hold them down or even push them to seek for more , I bet you , that person will run very far and won’t come back again , especially someone that doesn’t even have the intention of buying anything beforehand .

The best way to tackle this problem is to create alluring contents that will draw your prospect attention even closer , there are a lot of tantalizing and mouth watering ideas such as flash sales , promotions , give aways , free deliveries , maintaining an excellent customer support and service .

Ask your customers for opinion , manage their expectations , be authentic in customer interactions , treat your customers like royalty, practice active listening and follow through , don’t be blind to what they need , be transparent and humble

Learn how to manage distraught customers . don’t forget that customer is always right , although this does not give a customer the leverage to insult or harass you but having this at the back of your mind will help you develop and communicate empathy.

Where by you understand that your customers are also human beings like you . They can be easily pacified when they are angry because of the way you handled the situation , be willing to seek customers feedback . Keep focusing on customers need and then fulfilling them , “ make a customer not a sale” – katune bachetti.

Doing all of these will not only put you in a better position to help your customers in an honest way , your customers will sense and see that you genuinely care for their needs and that you are making extra efforts to understand them to help them get to where they want to be .

Putting your customers satisfaction should be the first thing on your mind , this is a strong contributor  to the over all success of your business as it will bring them closer to you and your business for a very long time to come .

They will even go as far as telling their families and friends about your business too just because they have a strong faith in it and all this can be achieved on how you treat them  .

There is no doubt that social media is one sure way of connecting to more people , using these tips will surely go a long way in aiding the business owners who are stuck and do not know how to go about it , people use social media to provide Values and answers to their questions .

Your initiate should contain more content that will attract people , it shouldn’t be all about buying from you alone , for business to thrive in this competitive world and age , it is very important that you create awareness and a social identity whereby everyone will know you for.

There are a lot of prospect on social media and this is the main reason why you should also go there to find them , people are no longer using the traditional form of buying  and selling which is the offline method  , am sure that if you follow these tips stated above properly you will be able to conquer all the fears , concerns  and worries that has to do with increasing your sales and market lead .

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